Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Don't Believe What The Liberals Say

They can say whatever they want.

But who in their right mind will believe these guys? I mean, c'mon!

You see, as the Globe and Mail, a big-time Liberal-positive paper, indicates...

Mr. Ignatieff's decision is intended to force final responsibility for triggering an election onto the shoulders of NDP Leader Jack Layton or Bloc Québécois chief Gilles Duceppe. The party has sometimes found itself the lone supporter of the Tory government and Mr. Ignatieff is determined to avoid a repeat of this morale-sapping scenario.

Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae said the party and its leader are relieved to jettison responsibility for keeping the Harper government in office.

Ah. Just another cynical political ploy. Try to make folks think it's all up to the "other guys" so as to claim they can't be blamed for causing an unwanted election.

It won't work, because we know that the NDP and Bloc have already indicated, over and over again, that they'll oppose the government, and they have, leaving the Liberals propping 'em up. Therefore, the burden of forcing an election is on the Liberals' shoulders, no matter what they say, no matter how fancy and sensationally they say it.

And get a load of the hilariously delusional, disingenous nonsense Liberal Leader Ignatieff spews:

He blamed Mr. Harper for the state of the economy, which has been sideswiped by the global recession, accusing the Tory leader of delivering to Canadians “the worst deficit in our history,” “the worst unemployment record in two decades” and leading a government “that's ready to sacrifice national unity to stay in power.”

Ah... so Iggy's admitting that PM Harper is responsible for Canada's relatively mild recession and quick recovery? Ok, that's cool. But as for the deficit thingy, well, I recall that the Liberals threatened to usurp and undemocratically replace, in coalition with the hardcore-communist NDP and separatist Bloc, the government if it refused to plunge Canada into deficit. And I recall that Iggy actually demanded a second "surplus" budget, so WTF is Iggy doing saying "it's Harper's fault" when Iggy was amongst those who demanded the massive deficit, plus an insanely stupid EI reform idea which would worsen the deficit and further harm the economy, particularly in the long run? As for the unemployment problem, hey, Iggy, you asshole, there's a global recession going on, the whole world's affected, and it's not Harper's fault, and you know it! The whole gosh-darned world has an unemployment problem, and your ideological soulmate Obama, with policies you obviously plan to copy if in power, is making America's own unemployment problem make Canada's look like nothing at all. And as for the national unity matter, I recall that separatism motivation was at its all-time high in Canada under the Liberals, and, with the Harper Conservatives in power, it has been put into deep, deep slumber, only to awaken again if the Liberals were ever to return.

Can you believe this laughably out-of-touch Michael Ignatieff? Really, Iggy, you're making a fool of yourself going around talking horseshit like your disgraced old attack clown Warren Kinsella!

Expect Iggy and his Liberals to utter further laughably unreal gobbleddygook to try to get some great soundbytes going in the Liberal-friendly Big Media.

They'll be called on it. They must not get away (again) with spewing these ludicrous lies!

ht: NNW