Friday, May 15, 2009

Socialist-Protectionist Obama Regime 'Stimulus' Screws Canada

Story here.

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The more Canadians who learn just exactly what Barack Hussein Obama's regime means for Canada, the more Canadians will dislike Obama and his regime.

Canadians are beginning to realize what millions of Americans already have: That Obama is a bastard!

It's official, folks: The Soros-Obama socialist-protectionist regime has started a trade war and is already being hit back with retaliation.

It's sad, but, hey, they started it, they knew it would happen, and went ahead anyway.

Because the Obamites are, after all, SOCIALISTS!

Oh, excuse me... the phone... one moment, please...

Hello... oh, yeah, sure, and I'm Mickey Fecking Mouse, you sick freak.

Mmm? Oh, wait... you do sound like the bastard Obama...

Hmm... hmm... hmm... yes, sir, I am calling you a socialist, a freaking, gosh-darned socialist, because you ARE a socialist. Got that?

Eh? The what? DHS? You mean the Brownshirts of the evil Napoleon-o hag?

Me? None of your goshdarn business, you Nazi bastards!

Eh? Men in black? Coming to my door? In Canada?


Hey! What the fu