Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pelosi In China Ignores Human Rights


Notorious liar Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the Congress of the American Legislature, has just gone to China... and didn't mention human rights at all.

Typical "progressive". They'll scream about it at home where we already have all the human rights in the world, but then go to countries which don't have any, and never utter a word about it. They don't want to offend the wealthy tyrants and oppressors, apparently.

Again we see another "progressive" who only pretends to care about human rights. This one claimed to be opposed to enhanced interrogation techniques, calling them "torture", but it's been revealed that she knew years ago and said and did nothing. And then blamed it on the CIA, wrongly, apparently, as she won't repeat her smear.

Of course, "waterboarding" isn't really "torture" and is merely something so uncomfortable that people prefer to talk than continue to be so uncomfortable. Yet Pelosi grandstanded, calling it torture, opposing it and all, to score political points.

Now she's sucking up to the murderously intolerant Communists.