Friday, May 22, 2009

When, If Ever?

...will the Big Media of Mass Deception ever come to realize that Barack Hussein Obama is a terrible, awful, horrible President whose regime is doing radically extreme, unprecedented, unconstitutional, illegal things to America that will devastate her for decades to come?

ObamaSUCKS.jpg obama SUCKS! image by weldonsvoboda

It's blatantly obvious that Obama is an enemy of America, as a matter of gosh-darned fact. One need only watch what happens with this guy day after day to see this. One needn't be a genius nor hold a PhD to realize that..

.obama2.jpg obama sucks image by Kydeerhunter03

I'm astonished that the media continues to brainlessly fawn over this destructive individual. It's proof that one simply cannot trust the media, period.

obamasucks.jpg Obama Sucks image by smkeater55

Obama sucks, stinks, bites, blows, etc...

And Obama kills Muslims, too... just like Bush used to and for which he was reviled far, far, FAR worse than I'm reviling Obama here and now. So where's the Big Media on that? I guess it's only horrible when Republicans kill Muslims, as far as they're concerned. Ok, on the other hand, for Democrats, especially those with a beautiful "tan", to go around the world slaughtering people!

Yep. Obama's got America waging war all over the world, just like Bush, and is having America kill people, just like Bush. But only Bush sucked for that very reason? Like, WTF, man?! How the hell is that? How can that be? That's totally illogical!

obamasucks.jpg obama sucks image by mxg6836

Gimme a freakin' break, you freaks who think it's fine that Muslims die as long as they're dying because of a Left-Wing Extremist with an excellent "tan"!

And as for those who would slam me for saying such "extreme" things, hey, look in a fecking mirror, you hypocritical Bush-and-Harper bashers! Shut up and let me have my turn!

And, yes, I'm being sarcastic here. Because, hey, the whole thing deserves sarcasm.

And the following picture of a very annoyed "Right-Wing Extremist" American (hey, there's millions and millions of folks like him!)...

obama-sucks.jpg obama sucks protestor image by bbsforum
Hey, Obama! Change this!
I just knew that "Balbulican" would one day see the light. See? ;)

If the Extreme Left Who Wants To Have Sex With Obama wants to accuse non-Obama-positive folks like me of something illogical like "hatemongering", hey, what were those hypocritical left-wing assholes doing when Bush was in power? Yep. Exactly! And you know who youse are!

And guess what, Leftist Assholes?

I don't apologize either, just like your best buddy, the horribly hateful, bigoted horse-ass of a Left-Wing Extremist, Janeane "Miss Potato Head" Garofalo, who the Big Media Who Wants To Screw Obama thinks is just fine, as if she's one of them...

What's it going to take to jump-start these peoples' brains???