Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Ain't Bill Clinton, Folks. It's Even Worse.

Obama's puppeteer and ex-Nazi collaborator, billionaire ueber-left-wing activist George Soros, after dumping his wife, on a buddy's yacht, with two girls.
Let's just say that this picture is worth a thousand comments.
Come on, YOU tell me what it looks like. Don't be shy; Old George sure wasn't!

What's going on there?

"GEORGE Soros got an early start to his New Year's celebration on Tuesday when he partied the night away with two young brunettes aboard fellow billionaire Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus, in St. Barts. A witness said the left-leaning financier showed up with the pair of lovelies and appeared quite "friendly" with them, making a little like an octopus himself (above). At one point, Soros, 78, was seen trampling all over one of their gowns as he enjoyed a beverage...
Also... Soros rubs elbows with Hollyweirdoes on Bon Jovi yacht.

The ball and chain is off and the Supreme Overlord of the Ultra-Extreme Left is running around like an older Slick Willy. While controlling the President of the United States of America.