Monday, May 18, 2009

Conrad Black Gets To Appeal Wrongful Conviction

The Left must be really pissed.

After all, left-wing extremist lawyers and prosecutors successfully witchhunted a powerful nemesis on the right and got him thrown into the slammer for pretty much nothing but moving some boxes around, the contents of which no one knows except Mr. Black.

What he did doesn't even compare to what Liberal MP Mark Holland did with confidential employment-related documents which he stole from a Parliament Hill office recently vacated by a Conservative.

I never saw any case made against Mr. Black. No evidence of wrongdoing was presented. They had nothing. But they certainly put on a masterful masquerade. And the dumbassed, confused jury bought the whole thing and convicted an apparently innocent man.

Besides, what about the crimes of Leftists? Like the Clintons? Like ACORN? Why don't the leftist prosecutors go after them?

You know what? I stand with Conrad Black. He's been wrongfully convicted of nonsense charges, but what really happened is that he was punished for not being a leftist and for daring to operate a media empire which didn't toe the left-wing party line!

I guess stuff is only wrong to do if the one doing it isn't a leftist.

I hope Mr. Black wins his appeal. I suspect he'd like to get back into the fray, a vindicated man, and get back to exposing the Evil Left to the light of day.