Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Discussing The Tyrannical "Human Rights" Kangaroo Kourts

Tom Flanagan discusses the tyrannical 'roos.

ht: NNW

There is discrimination in the private sector, but it is self-liquidating over time because of the costs it imposes on discriminators. Governmental discrimination, in contrast, perpetuates itself because it is backed by state coercion.

Both economic analysis and historical evidence show that governmental discrimination against minorities is a real threat to equality before the law, and it needs to be checked in every way possible.

The so-called "Human Rights" Commissions are nothing but nodes of the state apparatus which have unilaterally, quietly gone far beyond their statutory mandate and have gone rogue and oppressive, have taken the "law" into their own hands for the purpose of oppressing people they hate and oppressing people who don't agree with the dogmas and agenda of the Ultra-Extreme Left.

This is why the HRCs must be harshly dealt with.

I prefer their abolition.

Release the 'roos back into the outback, where they belong!