Sunday, May 17, 2009

AB To Make Criminals Pay For Victims' Health Care

An excellent idea, unless you are, of course, a Left-Wing Extremist who puts the welfare and convenience of mean-spirited criminals ahead of the well-being of their victims.

I hope this passes quickly.

And I hope it sets a precedent to be quickly copied by all provinces and federally.

Health Minister Ron Liepert introduced Bill 48 that, if passed, would allow the province to recoup health-care costs associated with crimes ranging from convenience store robberies to gang shootings to drunk driving.

"Our caucus does not believe taxpayers should be footing the health-care costs of someone who has committed a criminal offence," Liepert said.


"We're going to make you pay if you decide to get involved in criminal activity," he said.

Listen to the bizarre conspiracy theorism of the Alberta NDP:

The provincial NDP say that the proposed legislation is an attempt to cut off health care for some citizens and is therefore a breach of the Canada Health Act.

I don't care how the Extreme Left will dis and smear a bill that they'd support if it were brought in by Liberals, NDPers or by Barack Hussein Obama (who enjoys 100% support from the Extreme Left, as Leftists cannot or won't think for themselves and automatically support anything and everything a Far-Left politician wants to "impose").

It's a step in the right direction. It's based on the right motives and concepts.

Let's get 'er done and move on to the next thing that needs to be done.

Screw the Extreme Left, who doesn't care about ordinary citizens and wants only to exalt and reward evildoers and criminals.

Let's get it done FAST and move on FAST.

If the Extreme Left can ram "gay marriage" down our throats in a blazing rush, then what's stopping us from doing stuff that actually needs to be done?

Let's make criminals pay, instead of making crime pay.

THAT'S progressive!

Yes we can!