Monday, May 25, 2009

Scary Ignatieff Takes Low Road, Threatens Tories

PhotobucketPhotobucketWarren Kinsella
Surrounded by Darkness: Liberal "leader" Michael Ignatieff.

Michael Ignatieff can't handle the truth!

Ignatieff said “`if you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done.''

Is that scary or what? I guess Ignatieff isn't a peaceful man after all. It sounds like something a teenaged Darth Vader (or a Warren Kinsella) would say.

My, but how sophisticated, how urbane, how nuanced, eh? Yep. Typical Liberal.

Might as well have said:

You mess-a-with-a-me, I mess-a-you-face!

mess2.jpg image by satriagti

It's clear that the Liberals don't want to act their age; don't want to behave like grownups, and prefer to engage in schoolyard-playground taunts and bullying.

Canadians don't want a small, small man of a Prime Minister who threatens other Canadians. They want a Prime Minister who will focus instead on making it clear to Canada's enemies that they better not mess with Canada. Instead, Michael Ignatieff places himself at the center of the universe and forgets about everyone and everything else.

He really needs to break free of the devastating influence of the attack clown Kinsella, who's apparently telling Iggy to go around threatening people, just as Kinsella himself does regularly.
After all, Ignatieff himself actually did say the things attributed to him in the so-called "attack ads" (Really, how is simply, frankly, properly, fairly pointing out what the would-be Prime Minister has actually said... an "attack ad"? I thought an attack ad had to be mean-spirited, hateful, bigoted and/or defamatory, and the Tory ads are clearly none of those things, yet to listen to the Liberals and their Big Media comrades, one doesn't get this impression unless one sees the ads and thinks about them independently and sees them for what they are- just factual, important information about the behavioral and ideological record of a political candidate).

I suspect that Iggy was using a talking point provided to him by a fellow (wonder who?) infamous for saying such scary, threatening things, like, perhaps: Do as I say or significant consequences will ensue.

Ignatieff says the ads don’t bother him on a personal level but that they are offensive because they try to define who is and isn’t a good Canadian based on the amount of time they’ve lived in Canada.

No, Michael. The ads don't try to do what you absurdly suggest they do. They simply point out some of the disturbing, shocking things you've said in the past, things which Canadian voters need to know about, just as much as you'd say they need to know that Mr. Harper once talked about erecting virtual "firewalls" around Alberta to keep out federal intrusions into her provincial jurisdiction.

The Canadian People who vote deserve to know what kind of a person you are and what kind of a Prime Minister you might be. This is all that the Tories are doing- just helping the voters get informed so as to make better voting choices based on the information.

Canadians don't want to accidentally elect a bully.

Michael Ignatieff really needs to be more humble, as it appears that he's becoming ever-more megalomaniacal. Like the folks with whom he surrounds himself.

Why should they get all bad information (both accurate and false) on Harper and the Conservatives and only good stuff (and none of the bad, inconvenient truth) about you and your Liberals? Come on. Be fair and balanced, for once!

Fair's far. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Get some 'nads, man! Face the music like a real man, and quit letting Warren Kinsella tell you how to respond to the truth! Dump Kinsella before he proves to be your undoing!

Stop being stupid, Michael!

What a wimp. What a pussy. Who wants a wimp and a pussy as Prime Minister?

ht: National Newswatch