Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taboo-To-Discuss School Bullying Becoming Increasingly Horrific?

Story here.

Three Sarnia school girls face charges after they held down another student and cut her wrist with a piece of glass in what police described as "bullying to the extreme."

Sarnia police refused to disclose the name of the school where two 14-year-olds and one 13-year-old were arrested Thursday.


"Left to fester, violent behaviour can occur and, at times, retaliation on the part of the victim. The kids are well aware of bullying, and those that bully should also be aware that there are consequences for their actions both at school and within the justice system."

Baines defended the decision not to release the name of the school.


How much do we hear about state apparatus, social and Big Media efforts to end bullying?

Juxtapose your answer to what you'd answer to the following:

How much do we hear about how horrible racism, homophobia and Islamophobia are and about extreme efforts on all fronts all the time to eliminate it?

It's not rational to let violent extremists off the hook for holding people down and slitting their veins and arteries... just because they're not a certain age yet.

Not naming them due to age restrictions only tends to make them more horribly arrogant and aggressive... and more hatefully destructive towards innocent victims who are left-to-fend-for-theselves-by-the-Ultra-Extreme-Left-Wing-Politically-Correct-state-apparatus, society and media. The law prohibiting naming violent people just because they're under any certain age... is WRONG and DANGEROUS.

Why isn't bullying by youth treated with the same level of seriousness as is racism, homophobia and Islamophobia by youth?

Something is out of balance!

I bet... if the victim was a visible minority, a homosexual or a Muslim, then there'd be a MASSIVE uprising... but I see none, so my deduction is that the victim must be wholly unspecial (most probably "white" and JudoChristian), meaning that her rights are worth substantially less to society than are the rights of the other, more-special, folks.

And there's no excuse whatsoever to refuse to name the school! The school deseves to be exposed for its refusal to stop bullying! I don't care if the bullies' identities might be accidentally, indirectly exposed! Bullying must be stopped, bleeding-heart, Left-Wing-Extremist Political Correctness be damned to San Francisco!

You know, if victim retaliation were to be deemed perfectly acceptable according to the right to self-defence, regardless of the injuries caused to the dangerously-injurious serial bullies, then the bullies, if they're aware that innocent victims are emboldened by the law that gives them the right to hurt the bullies... well, you figure it out.

Bullies must be advised that they face the danger of serious, immediate, physically-injurious consequences for their criminal actions.

Victims must be legally protected from prosecution for their self-defence. Victims must also be legally permitted to utilize whatever weapon happens to be handy against their torturers.

After all, if the state apparatus can't or won't stop the bullying and torture and violation of innocents' human rights, then the state MUST permit the victims to take matters into their own hands immediately!

It violates the victims' rights for them to know that if they defend themselves, they could be charged with a crime!

If the victims fear criminal prosecution for defending themselves, then they may end up simply doing nothing and accept the torture and possible end of their lives at the hands of the well-protected-by-the-state-apparatus-violent criminals!