Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama To Screw US, Boost Enemy Tyrants With 'Climate Change' Deal

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All part of the whole international socialist plot to thumb down America and raise the evil, non-free world above the free world.

Barack Hussein Obama was the enemy's Manchurian Candidate and now he's in power, making deals and doing all kinds of stuff that will only harm America.

He promised change. The elected him. Now they're getting it. Up-the. Dry. What an unpleasant surprise, eh?

( - The U.S. State Department has provided the United Nations with proposed text for a new global warming treaty that would require the United States to comply with stricter carbon emissions standards than most other countries in the world--including, for example, China and Saudi Arabia--and that anticipates that U.S. taxpayers will provide foreign aid to support efforts to control carbon emissions in developing nations.

Through Obama and the "Democrats", America's enemies and not-so-friendly rivals will suck her blood out and turn her into one of them, unless the bums are thrown out at the earliest opportunity.

The text, obtained by, was submitted in early May to the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is developing a new international global warming treaty that is expected to be finalized at an international conference to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December.

They're not giving up. Kyoto failed, so they've been back at the drawing board, figuring out a new way to impose all this bullshit upon the Free World but not upon the Non-Free World.

Under the UNFCCC, only 40 of the world's nations are considered developed countries, while the remainder are considered developing countries. The "developing" countries include not only the Communist People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia, but also other oil-rich states in the Persian Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Iran. Oil-rich Venezuela is also considered a developing nation.

Oh, come on! China's "developing"? But they're richer than we are! WTF?! Bullshit!

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela? "Developing"? Um, no, they aren't. They're regressing or have already reach totalitarian tyranny and oppression (like China), despite being rich with oil!

Why punish the Free World for being free while rewarding the Axis of Evil for being evil and for refusing to respect peoples' human rights?

feck Obama and the "Democrats" for wanting to do this!

The whole thing is nothing but neocommunist gobbleddygook without meaning.

When they do such stuff, you know it's to hide an agenda they can't afford to let us know about until it's already happened.

There's so much Obama's doing that he never said he'd do. And much more to come, apparently. They know they have so little time to destroy America before they must face election, after all. Unless... Nah. They wouldn't dare do that. After all, it's America, right? Right???

That's what voters get when they vote for "change" without asking "what kind?".

Maybe the Republicans should run on a platform of "change" next time, and not specify what it means. Then they can do all kinds of necessary conservative stuff after they win. And get away with it.

They should get brainless Hollyweird celebrities to spew totally irrational, unnecessary hatred against the Democrat ticket, just as was done against Sarah Palin and gleefully, blitzingly reported by the pro-Obama Big Media.

And get people fired just like that, and take car dealerships away from political opponents.

And declare all political/ideological dissidents to be "Extremists" and tell police to profile (and consider as potential terrorists) people for supporting "gay marriage", illegal immigration, international governance and socialism, etc...

And take away their right to speak out against that with which they disagree, and call it a "hate crimes law". After all, who can be opposed to having laws against commiting "hate crimes"?

Of course, first the Republicans will have to take control of the Big Media away from the Democrats so as to facilitate their election and agenda without opposition. And to brainwash enough people into voting for them just 'cause they're sooooo cool and they see that everybody else seems to love them while not liking the "other guys".

Oh, yeah, gotta have elaborate stages and fireworks, too. Dazzle 'em!

And don't forget about having convicts sign up dead people to vote many times each.

And, of course, have frightening, threatening-looking thugs brandishing sticks stand in front of polling stations preventing people from going inside and voting.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic now... But, hey, you know, all of that stuff, the Obama Regime did!