Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pierre Trudeau: Canada's Obama, A Stupid Poll, Plus The Iggy Connection

Pierre Eliott Trudeau, former Liberal caporegime and neo-communist dictator of Canada. Like Barack Obama today in the USA, he got a free ride, a get-out-of-trouble lifetime pass from the corrupt, manipulative, deceptive, left-wing propagandist Big Media, who just praised and fawned over all his infantile brainfarts and astonishingly bizarre, disquietingly extreme behavior.

We Canadians understand what America's going through right now. Because we've been there before.
Comrade Fidel applauds his puppet useful-idiot PET, just as he's applauding today's Obama of USA

Sheesh... that guy was just like current US "President" Obama, who arrogantly, embarrassingly breaks protocol with foreign monarchs. And who's also a radically extreme neo-communist, state-and-society re-engineer

One day he was hardly known, the next he was a tidal wave. Like Trudeau in 1968, he stands for "change," which means anything you want it to. He appeals, as Trudeau did, to citizens who have lived through a time of fractious partisanship and yearn for a new era, with fresh energy and fresh optimism.

-National Post
on Obama-Trudeau similarities
Who the feck does this dummy think he is, Mr. Bean??? Did he have some kind of mental disorder? How can this guy be considered the "best" by 40%?

k, here's the story re. the stupid poll (ht:

Pierre Trudeau, the incessantly goofing-off communist Prime Minister: 40% say this goofball moonbat was the "best PM in four decades"??? How the hell can folks think this? They must be really, really ignorant. Or really, really brainwashed by the Liberal-Positive Media of Mass Deception. Do these 40% of Canadians really believe that that guy was a Prime Minister???

Sheeeesh... he's just like current Leader-Coronate Michael Ignatieff, also a horribly arrogant cosmopolitan (and Iggy actually has admitted as much!) goofoff. See below.
Photo credit and inconvenient blog post about Ignatieff here.
Ignatieff enjoying the Liberal-love-in adulation, believing he's Trudeau Reincarnate.
Get a load of the look on his face! He must be happy he decided to return to visit his birth homeland (like Obama has visited his birth homeland, Kenya, to politically and financially support a brutal Islamofascist tyrant), at least for a little while while he tries to get a new job being the next Trudeau.
Ignatieff again, trying to look non-scary and ending up looking like Mr. Rogers. An effemminate Mr. Rogers. Is that his wife's clothing?! What is he, a transvestite?

And here's Ignatieff having a nice, long chat with his idol. No wonder Iggy's so enamoured of Obama today- the Obama guy's another Trudeau, so...

Oh, wait! WTF... he must be hiding something... the videos of his interviews with PET have been censored! Must be inconvenient for Ignatieff; wonder what was in the videos that could be used against him in a Conservative informational ad? Sheeeesh- the videos were censored, just as were the videos about the infamous, mean-spirited, violent-crime-counselling (did anyone save that infamous video which was censored?) Liberal fascist S.O.B Richard Warman, who, for all intents and purposes, is a Canadian Ernst Rohm, going around jackbooting Canadians he hates and who aren't onside with the fascist ideology of the Extreme Left.
Now we know where the Red Book originated!
Trudeau schmoozing with Chairman Mao of the wholly-intolerant, massively murderous Chinese Communist Party

Trudeau playing host to Russian Communist hardliner and ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky (click and see what kind of a wild nutcase he is), seen also below with mutual idols.
At the end of the photojournalistic series on Trudeau comrade Zhirinovsky, the question is asked:

What would happen if your country would be openly ruled by such guys and people can’t do anything?

Well, well, well... now don't you think Canadians need to know the above inconvenient truths about Pierre Trudeau before providing a valid answer to a stupid poll? Obviously, the valid answer is to put Trudeau at the bottom of the list of Prime Ministers.