Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fact Checking A Pollster

The Canadian Press has teamed up with Harris-Decima to do a poll about what Canadians supposedly think of the "This Is Ignatieff" ads being run by the Conservatives.

Senior VP, Harris-Decima, Jeff Walker makes an arguably erroneous statement about Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

He says:

"He's decided to take a high-road approach to dealing with it and it will be interesting to see if that's the right approach."

Actually, I think Mr. Walker is out of touch with current events with respect to Michael Ignatieff and his behavior.

In fact, Mr. Ignatieff is taking the LOW ROAD. Really, I don't know what Mr. Walker thinks it means to "take the high road". Or what makes him think that Ignatieff is playing it cool and suave, as opposed to growling and roaring threatening talking points likely fed to him by his dirty-attack mastermind Warren Kinsella.

Incredibly, Mr. Walker also says that it's summer.

"People are paying attention, despite the fact that it's the summertime (...)

It's May 26th. Summer doesn't come until June 21st.

Well, just draw your own conclusions.

In such a position, one needs to know what one's talking about.

ht: NNW