Monday, May 25, 2009

Iggy Spews More B.S., Sics Attack Clown Kinsella


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"The prime minister of Canada has only one job, and that is to unite Canadians and never divide them, and that, Mr. Harper does not understand," Ignatieff said.

See? Iggy's been outside Canada for so long, been so out of touch, that he doesn't realize that uniting Canada is precisely what Stephen Harper has done, whereas the Liberals, Iggy's own party, were dividing it to the point that separation was about to strike...

You know, I believe that the Big Media is again giving the Liberals free attack advertising by repeating his talking points over and over again. So this is why Iggy's going crying to the Big Media all the time now to utter attack slogans without substantiation. And the Big Media is only too happy to incessantly repeat it all, blitzing the propaganda as much as they can, those who bother to patronize their offerings.

Poor Liberals. They're going completely crazy over the ads.

That's the proof that they're working. Must've taken some polls that scare the living daylights out of them and they're panicking, going around attacking Mr. Harper with nothing but lies, whereas Harper's Tories merely said that Iggy said certain stuff which he did.

I bet the Prince of Darkness is in the Liberal War Room standing, hands propped over a table with a big map on it, strategizing for his dirty-tricks attacks... Betcha there's a whole army of stuffed animals involved this time!

Just listen to Warren Kinsella's comically ominous Darth Vaderesque words, uttered in his notoriously inept, hateful, mean-spirited attack-clown role, sent, of course, by Librano caporegime Iggy to CTV's Question Period:

"Because they're scared," I said. "Because they don't know what else to do. We're beating them badly - we're whipping them, in fact. And people don't like their ads. They're bringing in tons of money for us and tons of new members. So the Conservatives are reverting to type."

But does that mean we'll just let them get away with it? No way. At the right time and place - and in the right way - we'll give them a beating they won't ever forget.

Ooooh... boy, is the kitty eater totally spinning, eh?

Like the Tasmanian Devil. Furious but brainless.

We're not scared, Warren. We know what we're doing- kicking you guys's asses. And your asses are really smarting now.

You're not "whipping" us, pal; it's the other way around. But if I'm wrong, then prove so.

*Crickets chirping, yawning... snoring*

People "don't like the ads"? Do you have anything to substantiate this? Besides a bunch of Liberal partisans?

Tons of money? Show me the money. If there is tons of money coming in, then where's YOUR ads?

Tons of new members? Prove it. Show me the members. No- keep your pants on, you freak, not that kind! Sheesh, spent too much time hanging around with Billy C., haven't you?

Again with the bullying and threats.

"A beating they won't ever forget". You just know he's got something very, very hateful up his sleeve. What is he going to do this time? Will it be a hate crime? Again?

I think the
police should know about Warren Kinsella's threat... I believe it's a crime to promise to beat someone.

Sheeesh... Kinsella sounds just like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, like Vladimir Putin... fellow evildoers.

Better tone down your rhetoric, buddy... it's already crossed the line.

And, Mr. Ignatieff, why do you continue to employ this piece of shit from hell poop from heck?

This is the correct response, pictured below, to Warren Kinsella, and to Michael Ignatieff and the entire Librano Mob:

Responding To Islam