Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obamapus's Tentacles of Equalization

Like the controversial, divisive Canadian "equalization" program for "have-not" provinces, it appears that the Obamapus moster will be suckering its tentacles all over California soon, and massively popular political pundit Rush Limbaugh is talking about these tentacles of control and other-states-financed bailing-out.

The Obamapus

"What Obama will do is simply bail out California and all of the debt and all of the overspending, all of the problems will be absorbed by all of us in the other 49 states," Limbaugh said today on his No. 1 rated program.

"I have no doubt that this is what's going to happen with Obama reaching out from Washington with his tentacles to be as involved in every facet of American life as he can be, and with nobody to stop him and with California populated with majority Obama voters."

Limbaugh, who at one point in his show resigned as "titular head of the Republican Party," blasted the GOP as he suggested the defeat of the tax hikes would be ignored by current party leadership.

"This is not what they want," he explained. "They want growing government, too. They just want to be power players in it. This vote in California last night, that brings Ronald Reagan back to life and that's the last thing that the Republican Party, the people running it today, want. ...

Guess what, Obamapus? Rush Libmaugh isn't the pretend leader of the Republicans anymore, 'cause he's resigned his pretend leadership. Better get your spin doctors to come up with new crap to chuck at him with your slimy tentacles.

And he's effectively called the current Republican leadership anti-Reagan. That's like calling Democratic leaders "anti-Kennedy".

And, frankly, I agree with him.

The anti-Reagan RINO bastards currently in chage of the GOP are, after all, partly to blame for the party's loss in the last elections. Americans figured out, why vote for an old leftist when they can vote for a young, hip leftist? See, when the choice is between to generic leftists, they go for coolness and trendiness.

And, faced with this damned-if-you-vote-this-way, damned-if-you-vote-the-other-way, choice, many real Republicans/conservatives simply didn't bother to vote (kind of like me with municipal and provincial elections, in which there's really no difference between the potential winners, so why bother?).

Without a clear alternative (McCain wasn't one, plus the Media of Mass Deception seemed to believe that the VP running mate, Sarah Palin, was the real opponent, so they Pearl Harbored the innocent lady in ways they couldn't have with Mr. McCain, who was already too much of a known quantity with already-acquired, solid popularity and who couldn't effectively be so attacked), people naturally don't see the point, as they expect essentially the same regime whichever side wins.