Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Islamization In Tennessee

Story here.

Yet the authorities, including police, don't want to even think of the possibility, apparently practicing denial of evidence, perhaps acting, without thinking for themselves, according to their brainwashing indoctrination training.

Probably too busy keeping an eye on law-abiding, patriotic, native-born Americans, on the orders of the Soros-Obama Regime.

It's obvious that newcomers to America aren't being actively integrated at all and don't know anything about their new country and its ways, so no wonder they behave so much as if they were still in, say, Somalia, which itself is infamous for its hatred, intolerance, heinous, deadly violence and overall barrenness vis-a-vis human rights.

If I were to move to their country, I'd have no choice but to learn their ways and adhere thereto or suffer significant consequences, because they don't want weird foreigners like me coming in and imposing their ways on those who were born there. Fair is fair, so it's imperative to integrate, via education and immersive orientation, newcomers of whatever origins and descents, to America, as well as to Canada and whatever other Free World country.

If integration isn't implemented as a mandatory, core policy component of immigration, then the problems will only keep on worsening. And the evidence, which must not be ignored, is far, far, far more powerful and critically important than any political-correctness consternation from mental-process-deficient "progressives".