Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Russia's Fault: Cannon

Story here.

After five months "of tough, complex negotiations," talks "have broken down due to the intransigence of one participating state," Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said.

"Russia bears the responsibility for this unfortunate impasse on Georgia and for the termination of the OSCE presence there," said Cannon.

"This development does not send a positive signal or build the much-needed trust and confidence we now need to address European security challenges," he said, adding that Georgia, as the host state, "wants an OSCE presence in its territory."

Putin and Medvedev, you murderous, imperialist neoCommie bastards!

Of interest:
Is Russia Restoring USSR?

"If the Western world loses Caucasus, there will be no limit to the Russian aggression in the world."


Attacks Against Minorities Up In Russia

Alison Gill is the head of the Human Rights Watch office in Moscow. She says authorities are having a difficult time curtailing the activities of nationalist groups. "I think it's simple enough to say that to a certain extent the government is at a loss on how to deal with the rise in nationalism and the rise in neo-nazi groups and skinhead groups," she said.
"We need to hear loudly and clearly from the government that pride in the country, pride in Russia is not the same as violence or hatred against others," Gill said. "The government needs to say that crimes, that murders, and attacks on foreigners is not going to be tolerated."
But the Russian government has remained largely silent on this issue. Instead, in December, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recommended the number of migrant workers from the former Soviet states working in Russia be cut in half, in response to the global financial crisis.

And, just a little while ago... (Video of Russian troops cracking down on "Satanic" demo)

As he was being taken away by police, Mr Tatchell shouted: "This shows the Russian people are not free."

Speaking from a police station, he later told the BBC: "The way the police violently broke up our peaceful protest is an indication of a drift toward authoritarianism that is affecting all Russians."


The Moscow mayor Yuri Luzkhov has described gay parades as "satanic".

Anti-gay groups had threatened to take matters into their own hands if the police failed to stop the protest.

Well, I guess the Russkies figured it'd be better if the Russkie troops cracked down on them, rather than having civilians do it...

Hmm... it makes one think of Hitler. You see, Hitler was himself a homosexual (yes; Google it!), yet he had many like himself slaughtered, including his bum buddy Ernst Rohm, the leader of the dreaded Brownshirts...

And it's suspected that Vladimir Putin may well be one, too. And a pedophile at that.

Probably cracking down on public displays of homosexuality so as to fool folks into thinking he only likes pussy.

By the way, the troops that cracked down on the demonstrators, if you watch the video at the link, you'll notice the word on their backs... it says, "OMOH", which is "homo" spelled backward... how ironic is it?

No doubt about it, folks, Russia is as screwed up as was Nazi Germany. It's leadership is as scewed up as the other nation's leadership, as well. No doubt.

And I go after the Russian leadership because they're behaving so badly in the rest of the world, too, pissing off, of all nations, Canada.

With the disarmist-pacifist Obama in power in America, it's imperative that Canada embark on a hardcore forces-rebuilding program, just in case it becomes necessary to counter any future Russian aggression in her North. For one thing, we need state-of-the-art air superiority fighters and interceptors. We must not tolerate those bastards encroaching onto our territory to steal our oil and gas!