Thursday, May 28, 2009

'Be Exceedingly Careful': Exceedingly Careful Obamites

This is rich.

ht: Drudge

Yeah, sure. Right-o.

And the Democrats, certainly the Obamites, are "exceedingly careful" when criticizing folks. Suuure. Riiiiight.

Indeed. As if we've any lessons to take from these hopelessly careless fools and hateful lunatics!

Maybe if they didn't call all of their own critics enemies of the state and terrorists, they'd have a little bit of credibility when issuing warnings and threats to those who dare say that a racist and sexist must not be appointed to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Yep. They're in a position to be telling folks to be "exceedingly careful".

What'll they do if we don't shut up? Kill us?

We take no lessons from Left-Wing Extremist Fascists who want a wacky, ideologically exceedingly extremely left-wing racist and sexist to be the ultimate decider of all things.

Justice cannot discriminate or favor on the basis of things like race and sex.

Justice has to be about facts, laws, and the Constitution, period.

Anything else is unacceptable. Therefore she must not sit on the SCOTUS.

If she's confirmed, then it will set a dangerous, frightening precedent.

There is no excuse for confirming such a scary prospect for a judge.

There's far too many judges who are clearly not impartial and above bias of ANY kind.

Justice must NOT care about race, sex, etc... Otherwise it isn't justice, as justice is supposed to treat everyone equally.

Leftists don't understand this.

How am I doing being "exceedingly careful"?