Saturday, May 16, 2009

Majority Now Pro-Life: Gallup

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Inconvenient truth for those who want to just brainlessly tear off their clothes fook like bunnies all the time and not worry about the consequences, 'cause there's always a Nazi-founded murder factory to "solve problems" that may threaten the convenience of sexual-intercourse-obssessive, irresponsible, immature, unsophisticated, selfish, un-self-controlled, undisciplined Left-Wing Extremists.

Looking at the long-term trend, the Big Lie of "choice" is obviously losing its ability to B.S. the majority of Americans (and, I suspect, Canadians, too).

It's clearly a Big Lie to claim that to be pro-choice is to be a "hateful, intolerant, bigoted, misogynistic" fringe-element Right-Wing Extremist who "wants to take away womens' rights". A Big Lie designed to intimidate us!

The wholly undeniable inconvenient truth is that to be pro-abortion is to favor the inhuman slow-torture-to-death of live human beings.

People who listen to their conscience and respect the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, etc... will continue to turn away from the evil movement which originated from Nazism and which was pushed by a Nazi and genocidal racist named Margaret Sanger, who founded the death factories under the dishonest, deceptive label of "Planned Parenthood".