Sunday, May 24, 2009

Powell A Propaganda-Runner For Far Left

As far as I'm concerned, Colin Powell is really a leftist, despite still being a RINO.

The way he keeps falsely accusing the Republican Party of being extreme, narrow, elementist and so on and so forth is telling.

The fact of the matter is that the Republicans are more onside, issue by issue, with the majority of ordinary Americans than are the Democrats, regardless of the narrow victory of the latter due to Republican voters staying away from the polls because of the leftist McCain.

His failure to look at policy differences between the Democrats and the Republicans and tendency to simply paint the latter with a broad brush of unfair, untrue characterization is indicative that he's a de-facto Democrat now.

The Republicans are more a party of the People than are the Democrats, who are a party of elites.

If anyone needs to change, it's the Democrats. But they haven't, except for the worse.

As for the GOP, they need to reaffirm their commitment to conservative, common sense policies that we know the average person really wants but is too shy to say so openly, due to the stigma attached to those who dare to be politically incorrect and offside with the elitist Big Media.

Powell backed Obama for President. How could he, unless he had become a Democratic partisan or had suddenly lost his mind? I mean, come on... we're talking about Obama!

I really wouldn't listen to Colin Powell anymore on the whole partisan issue because I'm pretty sure that he doesn't know what he's talking about... or, if he does understand what's what, then he's a Democrat shill, even though he might have a piece of paper declaring him a "Republican".

After all, RINO stands for "Republican in Name Only".

And Powell is as much a RINO as is Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself definitely not conservative and being hellbent on advancing the hardcore agenda of the extreme left with respect to social reengineering. Like Obama, who Powell supports.