Friday, May 15, 2009

Liberals Ban Anti-Islamofascism Reformer Muslim Tarek Fatah

Say hello to Tarek Fatah, a great friend of everyone who loves freedom, equality and human rights.

Shocking story of Reformist-Muslimophobia, intolerance, bigotry, hate and submission-to-Islamofascist-Liberals... here. (ht: NNW)

“I have just had a huge issue with the Liberal Party which I took right to the top. Michael Ignatieff had a breakfast with Canada’s Muslim community, and they made sure that the one person who should not be allowed to enter was Tarek Fatah. So I took it up. I talked to (Liberal MPs) Bob Rae and Alfred Apps. The folks in Ottawa called and said there must have been some kind of misunderstanding—but it is really very troubling that political leaderships recognize only the most conservative community members as legitimate. In effect you could not get in if you were not approved by (defeated Mississauga-Erindale MP) Omar Alghabra) and Ignatieff is repeating this mistake.”

Omar Alghabra is infamous for reportedly declaring his Liberal nomination victory as a "Victory for Islam", and for threatening to sue anyone who wouldn't shut up about it, hence the deafening silence about him.

Fatah believes strongly that political and media attention and credibility in Canada have been captured by extremist points of view within the Islamic community, often by playing the “diversity card,” and denouncing any more liberal voices as betrayers of culture.

He's no fan of the monstrous Noam Chomsky, either, it appears...

“I am going to ask Chomsky why the US left appears to have a soft corner for some of the most brutal murderers of Muslims—the al Qaeda and the Taliban,” says Fatah. “Would he have remained silent if the victims of the Taliban had been Americans? I will suggest to him that part of the Left that seems unable or unwilling to slam the misogyny and homophobia of the jihadi radicals, is practicing a racism of lower expectations that places Muslims as less than human.”

He's a good guy, Mr. Fatah, fighting the extremists of Islam who, among other horrible things, want to either Islamify everyone or get rid of 'em if they can't.

And the Liberals, including leader Michael Ignatieff, want nothing to do with him, so they make sure he can't get anywhere near them. They ban him. They blacklist him. To please the Islamofascist Liberals.

Are they kissing the hatefully anti-Semitic Mohammed "Kill Israeli Jews over 18" Elmasry's ass?

Are the Ignatieff Liberals submitting to hateful, supremacistic, imperialistic Islamofascist Extremists within the party?

Why would the Ignatieff Liberals tell Tarek Fatah to PFO? This appears to be (Or is it? Who knows anymore about the Party About Nothing?) out of character, as:

Fatah's hope is for a modern, progressive form of Islam to take hold. He believes in the equality of men and women. He is in favour of gay rights. And he does not believe that Muslims should live under Sharia law, or bring it into Canada.

Underpinning Fatah's progressive creed is his belief in the separation of church (mosque) and state. This is one of the Western Enlightenment's gifts to the world. Rather than reject this separation of religion and politics, Muslims should embrace it, says Fatah.

The Islam that has turned into Islamism is a political creed that is dangerous, he warns. Islamism wants to curb freedoms in the name of some divine sanctions dictated by clerics.

And, Fatah contends, mainstream Canadians, especially on the left, are reluctant to criticize because they are guilt-ridden. They know the West's (and Canada's) history is rife with colonial misdeeds.

So, argues Fatah, Islamists are allowed an easy pass.

It appears that the Ignatieff Liberals are more interested in submission to the supremacist element of radical Islam than in adhering to classical, real Liberalism, which they've, no doubt, long, long ago abandoned.

Clearly, there's nothing "moderate" about the Ignatieff Liberals.

The Ignatieff Liberals are extreme.

No wonder I wouldn't touch the Liberal Party, regardless of leadership, with a ten foot pole. They are, in a word, scary.