Friday, May 15, 2009

Canada Returns Fire At Russia's War Threat

Canada Command Crest
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"will not hesitate to defend Canadian Arctic sovereignty."


ht: Bourque

"(...) Canada is an Arctic power, and our government understands the potential of the North. Therefore, when and if necessary, this government will not hesitate to defend Canadian Arctic sovereignty, and all of our interests in the Arctic."

Canada will NOT take crap from Russia.

Canada Command

Mission Statement:

Canada Command will conduct operations to deter, prevent, preempt, and defeat threats and aggression aimed at Canada, within its area of responsibility. When requested, Canada Command will provide military assistance to civil authorities, including consequence management, in order to protect and defend Canada. Canada Command will be the operational link with U.S. Northern Command.

Let's hope US "President" Barack Hussein Obama, a puppet of George Soros, the billionaire Left-Wing Extremist and proud former Nazi collaborator, doesn't turn America's back on us like he did to Israel and force us, like Israel, to develop our very own superior military-industrial complex and produce superior military hardware, which would take a while, of course, and plenty of cash, but which we do obviously require, now that we see that the hostile Obama Regime and the House and Senate Democrats don't appear to recognize our longstanding friendship and cooperation on defensive matters...

Canada and America are the best of friends, but that prick and those assholes in Washington are really screwing things up for the Free World, so, in the meantime...

To start... Let's resurrect the world-class AVRO!

Remember when we were NUMBER ONE and built the
greatest interceptor in the world...

Come on, Canada!

Yes we can, Canada!


Stand up for Canada!

Stop Russia!

Stop the homo-pedophile Russian tyrant Putin!