Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Player Pops Up In Liberal NannyGate Scandal

Story here.

ht: NNW

So some guy's claiming he employed one of the nannies prior to her working for Dhalla. And he claims she had a bad attitude despite being treated like a princess or whatever. Ok, then.

So it's his word against the word of the poor vulnerable visible-minority immigrant woman victim. Ok, then. Big bad powerful man attacking the poor little helpless victim. Ok. We'll see if he provides any proof to back up his claims, as he'd better.

Well, what can we say? We've got folks saying this and that, contradicting one another. How do we know who's telling the truth?

Who's lying? Is the nanny in question lying, or is the claimed former employer of the nanny? You know, if one wants to theorize about conspiracies, not that I would, of course, but then one would perhaps suggest that the Liberals might get a crony to conspire to discredit one of the nannies so as to make the Public doubt all of the nannies and forget about the whole thing, thus taking the heat off of Ignatieff and the Liberals, not that there was really all that much heat on them, as it's obvious that the Big Media didn't go after them like they go after the Tories for any innuendo or accusation against them. In the Tories' case, the Big Media is all over them all the bloody time, and is all too happy to give anti-Tory babbling-heads plenty of air time as part of the standard get-the-scary-Tories propaganda blitz.

Anyway, I see that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's dirty-attacks mastermind, Warren Kinsella, is trying to smear Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney somehow. I'll have to look at his claims, then.

UPDATE: The new player, the guy claiming to have employed the nanny in question, well, he didn't have his press conference, postponing it for undisclosed reasons.

But, interestingly, the buzz is already out there. The accusations were given to the Big Media so it could start the buzz. But no press conference. Hmm. Interesting. Probably a tactic to build suspense? Who knows? Well, them Librano$ are pretty bloody crafty, after all...

Of course, there will be questions about the guy who's apparently media-shy. Why should we believe him? Will he provide proof to prove he's telling the truth and the nanny isn't? We'll see. Or not.