Friday, May 15, 2009

Harper Far Superior To Ignatieff On Most Issues: Compas/BDO Dunwoody

Poll here.

Viewing the PDF document, it's clear that business leaders, who indubitably tend to be more highly-educated and more keenly-aware of the issues, politicians and of what's going on in the country and the world than is the average voter, it becomes apparent that on five of seven issues, Stephen Harper is astonishingly, massively superior to Michael Ignatieff. You've got to see it for yourself, especially the issues of national security, managing the economy after end of recession/controlling spending/taxation, Canada-US trade relations, and Ottawa's relationship with the West (the most devastating number for Ignatieff, where he loses 1-9).

The two areas where Ignatieff "wins", "employment insurance" and kissing Quebec's ass, well, they're deemed "less important" than the other issues. Besides, Iggy can only say what he might do if elected PM, whereas the actual PM, Harper, has already demonstrated his superiority in terms of actual performance!

No doubt that the Big Liberal Media will deep-six this poll, as it's damaging to Ignatieff and the Liberal Party. Like hell the Big Liberal Media in Canada will do anything to hurt their own "messiah", currently Ignatieff, by telling it like it is. Hell, they're (save for, oddly, the Toronto Star, a notoriously Liberal-friendly paper) already trying to cover up the Ruby Dhalla Scandal, whereas they're all over the Brian Mulroney non-issue. Telling, very, very telling.