Monday, May 04, 2009

Liberals Protest Too Much On EI

Story here.

Via National Newswatch

"Employment insurance is not working in this country and there are some key issues that need to be fixed: access, benefit levels, maternity leave, fairness across regions and the status of the self-employed," Ignatieff said.

Suddenly the Liberals have found religion on making EI more generous and easier to get.

Funny how they didn't do anything like that when they had a dictatorial stranglehold on power for almost thirteen years, isn't it?

Also, they say they want one standard nationally for EI.

Funny, but I remember how they kept multiple standards across the country for EI. I remember how relatively incredibly generous and easy-to-get EI was for the Maritimes. And I wonder if the Liberals would eliminate the factor of unemployment rates in localities as a determinant of how long one can get EI. Like hell they would.

I don't believe the Liberals mean what they're saying. I believe it's nothing but a clever, masterful-strategy ploy to force an election in June, before the summer recess. They fear that by fall, the recovery could have begun and may dash their hopes of an easier ride to more seats in an election. They are desperate, figuring it's now or never.

Mark my words: EI chest-thumping by Liberals is just a ploy to bring down the government. They don't believe their own words... obviously, like they never believed themselves when they promised to make the GST die totally, go away, become extinct, scrapped, killed, abolished...

Might as well prorogue early for the summer if the Liberals so obviously want to impose an election on Canadians so unnecessarily soon after the last one... during a recession, in the summer... with no guarantee that the Liberals would even get a minority victory, none at all, not even a probability. They just want (and expect) just a few more seats, that's it.