Monday, May 04, 2009

Juxtaposing An Extreme Left-Wing Double Standard

Janet Jackson's boobie-show case again in courts

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered a lower court on Monday to reconsider a ruling that struck down a $550,000 fine against CBS Corp television stations for airing a glimpse of pop singer Janet Jackson's breast during the 2004 Super Bowl.

The order sends the case back to a federal appeals court in Philadelphia for further review in light of the Supreme Court's ruling that upheld a U.S. government policy that subjects broadcasters to fines for airing a single expletive blurted out on a live television show.

The appeals court ruled in favor of CBS, saying that the Federal Communications Commission acted "arbitrarily and capriciously" in issuing the fine for a fleeting image of nudity.

I wonder if the Supreme Court is aware of the following:

Naked homosexual men fornicate, ejaculate, urinate on one another openly on street at high noon as police watch, do nothing and as Big Media ignores 100%

While the first one is tame and no big deal, I must warn you that the second one is shocking, unbelievable and may make you vomit. And make you wonder what the hell is going on in San Francisco that the Big Media will absolutely not mention, even though it's a matter of double standard, a matter of law and a matter of the Bill of Rights vis-a-vis discrimination against Janet Jackson and total protection for the absolute, hateful depravity and immorality on the streets of San Francisco in broad daylight.

And if you are brave enough and have a steely stomach, you also may check out another example of the same incredible decadent depravity, which I believe MUST be illegal...

Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco (also disgusting, explicit and extreme behavior by almost exclusively homosexual males)

In that one, the homosexual extremists/militants also sell hateful items which attack various religions and which ought to have been confiscated and their vendors arrested for hate crimes. There was also nudity and "sexual" activity of homosexual male nature. And the police in this case also didn't do anything other than PROTECT the ultra-depraved criminal extremists. And there were children there, too, and they saw...

Why the HELL are the authorities still making a big stink over Janet Jackson's accidental nipple slip on live TV when they don't give a flying feck about those ultra-depraved, unfairly, exclusively state-apparatus-protected, hateful homosexual criminal militant extremists?

Is the Supreme Court insane? They should have left the matter alone.

Worse, Obama will be appointing Left-Wing Extremist activists to the Supreme Court so as to make rulings based on what the Extreme Left wants, rather than on the law and the Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Down with the massively depraved, decadent, destructive, hateful, discriminatory Extreme Left!

Pray for America.