Tuesday, May 05, 2009

China Quarantines Canadians, Bans Alberta Pork

Well, well, well...

If the Extreme Left thinks it's ok to quarantine foreigners for prevention reasons, then the Extreme Left must therefore have no objection if we were to quarantine all suspected Chinese Communist spies and propagandists for national security reasons and to stop them from brainwashing ordinary Chinese-Canadians into believing Communist lies.

Hey, a great idea! Stick it to the arrogant, evil Commies by doing to their Communist Party agents what they do to our innocent Canadians!

As for the pork ban, hey, let's ban the import and sale of Chinese-made toys!

Better yet, ban the import of anything Chinese-made! Buying Chinese-made stuff only puts billions more dollars into the Communists' hands and they'll just spend it on more death-and-organ-harvesting factories for dissidents, particularly the Falun Gong, and their military. Let's starve the horrible Communists of money!

Let's show them Commies! Commies are arrogant evildoers who need to be put in their place!

Oh, here comes "Crazy Ivan", the Communist propagandist troll... Hello, Crazy Ivan.

ht: National Newswatch