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International Leftist Org Bashes Canada Over Non-Leftist Appointments


"International Federation For (or, sometimes, Of) Human Rights".

They can call themselves whatever they want.  It cannot change their reality, however, to simply call their anti-Israel raison d'etre "standing up for human rights".

Their site is here.  They're very careful to take a LOT of positions that make them look like they're standing up for "rights and democracy" everywhere.  But one has to look deeper and harder and analyze them and their associations more carefully to discover their true agenda.

Discover the Networks examines them in another inconvenient exposing piece here.
Professing nonpartisanship, FIDH claims that it is "linked to no party, no religion, and is independent vis-a-vis all governments." It does, however, accuse the United States of having fostered, by means of its military response to the attacks of 9/11, a worldwide atmosphere of disregard for human rights: "Fanatical ideologists, proselytes, and murderers have found an echo in the action of the leading world power, which is responding to the deep wound of its people with a brutal and arbitrary expansionistic nationalism. Good and Evil, as well as the illegal use of force, deception and opportunism are just so many 'concepts' and methods on which American policy is now based. The American base in Guantanamo, the Abu [Ghraib] prison, and the American intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq are symbols of its perversion: now, the ends justify the means, contracted international obligations are neglected to the benefit of security imperatives."

FIDH also follows a strong pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel political agenda, as evidenced by the fact that its member organizations include the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Al-Haq. On May 27, 2003, FIDH and five other prominent NGOs issued a joint press release entitled "International Rights Groups Decry Increased Harassment of Monitors," which accused the Israeli government of intimidating, harassing, and even killing foreign national humanitarian workers in the Gaza Strip. Taking umbrage at the fact that such workers must sign a waiver form when they enter Gaza, FIDH made no mention of the fact that this policy was necessitated by the fact that many self-identified "humanitarians" (such as the late Rachel Corrie) are in fact political activists intent on aggressively interfering with the anti-terrorism activities of the Israeli Defense Force. Nor did the FIDH press release note the recent spate of incidents where individuals purportedly engaged in humanitarian enterprises were in fact terrorists. One such case took place in April 2003, when two suicide bombers posing as human rights workers traveled to Gaza on British passports. To provide cover, they met with members of the Palestinian-run International Solidarity Movement. One of them later blew himself up -- killing three civilians and injuring 50 more -- in a midnight attack in a popular Tel Aviv jazz bar.

FIDH has received funding from the Ford Foundation.

Ford Foundation? Whazzat?
(...) the Foundation's present-day, fourfold mission: "to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement."

But as with any objective, the methods used to pursue each of the foregoing goals may vary widely depending upon how a particular organization -- in this case the Ford Foundation -- defines the operative terms contained therein; how it defines the problems; and how it defines success. Because Ford's leading officials pursued an ever-more leftist orientation politically and ideologically, the Foundation naturally began to direct its funding disproportionately toward donees of similar leanings. When Henry Ford II eventually resigned from the Foundation's Board of Trustees in 1977, he expressed his profound disgust with how the institution and most of its trustees had drifted so radically to the political left over time.

Yup.  Left, Left, and Lefter... Onward Left they go...
These objectives and worldviews include: the weakening of homeland security and anti-terrorism measures on the theory that they constitute unacceptable assaults on civil liberties; the dissolution of American borders; the promotion of mass, unchecked immigration to the United States; the redistribution of wealth; the blaming of America for virtually every conceivable international dispute; the depiction of Israel as an oppressor state that routinely victimizes its Palestinian minority; the weakening of American military capabilities; a devotion to the principle of preferences based on race, ethnicity, gender, and a host of other demographic attributes; the condemnation of the U.S. as a racist, sexist nation that discriminates against minorities and women; the characterization of America as an unrepentant polluter whose industrial pursuits cause immense harm to the natural environment; the portrayal of the U.S. as a violator of human rights both at home and abroad; the depiction of America as an aggressively militaristic nation; and support for taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand as an inalienable right for all women.

By using its enormous wealth (derived solely from investments in international securities) to promote these ideals, the Ford Foundation plays a major role in shaping American culture, popular opinion, and public policy. 

Yep.  It's a magic carpet of socialist horseshit.

The socialist-propaganda-pushing Globe and Mail uses them to bash the Canadian Conservative government for being un-leftist.  Cue the violins, eh!

Kind of like citing the CAIR to bash a conservative government for standing up for Israel.

The Globe and Mail again fails to do its duly-diligent homework before placing blind faith in anything that calls itself  "... human rights...".  Shoddy journalism belying an a Hard-Left propaganda-pushing agenda.

Don't forget that "Rights and Democracy" has, under Liberal-partisan-hard-leftwingnutcase-Judeophobic-appointee control, been an anti-Israel propaganda-activist organization.

The Hard Left is mad that the Hard-Leftists are being replaced with non-hateful people who will stand up for real rights and democracy... that's all.  It's all part of the international socialist movement and its agenda to bash anyone who's not a leftist, and to bash anyone who stands up for Israel, the only human-rights-and-democracy-respecting nation in the Middle East!

Nice going, Globe and Mail.  Once again exposing yourself as another propaganda vehicle for the International Hard Left.

Bashing the Free World as "bad for human rights" whilst letting the likes of "Palestine" off the hook for its own flagrant abuses of human rights... cannot ever possibly advance human rights, nor democracy, anywhere.

This is why the Harper Conservatives are, effectively, coaxing, via the nixing of the organization's Hard-Leftwingnutcase, anti-Israel orientation... the difficult, disagreeable, intransigent, combative, unhinged Hard-Leftwingnutcase Liberal-partisan appointees out of the organization.

Better to reorient the organization to actually, in reality, promote human rights and democracy worldwide, than to simply put on nice-sounding airs on the one hand, and, on the other, bash the Free World for allegedly being bad, whilst letting the Non-Free World mostly off the hook, such as "Palestine".  The alternative to changing the guard?  Outright abolition.  And outright abolition would, while saving some money for the taxpayers, be politically dangerous vis-a-vis optics, so what's happening is a proper and overdue de-Leftification of this taxpayer-funded organization, so as to avoid the ideological extremism for which taxpayers shouldn't be forced against their will to pay.

Beware clever Leftists who pretend they care about "human rights" when actually harboring a Hard-Left, anti-Free World agenda, hiding behind that phony mask of "human rights".  They're just like the "Peoples'" Republic of China, or the "Democratic" Republic of (North) Korea (run by Kim Jung-Il).

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