Sunday, March 21, 2010

On The Other Foot: Liberals Have Balance 'Imposed' On Them

They never thought we'd be smart enough to use their tactics (which they've been using for decades, both for good... and bad) against them, did they?

Well, the shoe's now on the other foot.

A very worthy, and informative, read.

I know you are, but what am I?  Heh.  Actually, they really are, themselves.  So to squeal like stuck pigs is quite silly and hypocritical.  They can't complain, yet here they go.

The article ends with...
What does this have to do with the current political fights? Conservatives see progressives codifying their culture in ways that will be hard to undo. So yes, when federal legislation affecting one-eighth of the economy is held up by a line or two on abortion, something in the country is indeed out of whack. But what makes all the sense in the world is that someone is highlighting the structural flaws in the pillars of the health-care plan.

View the Texas social studies issue as a small check on a larger problem, and it makes sense. View the Stupak amendment as a move that buys time for such exposure, and you’ll see that, for the moment at least, he is the sanest guy in town.

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