Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disney Declares Intent To Discriminate

In the following, I'm only standing up for a persecuted minority group... 

Shame on them.  Kowtowing to the militantly hateful, supremacist GLBT Lobby, which itself is sometimes even violently intolerant when it comes to the subject of apostates from the GLBT ideology/lifestyle choice/orientation/preference.

As the GLBT Lobby is wholly intolerant of its apostates, otherwise known as Ex-Gays, so Disney has apparently been intimidated into being intolerant as well.

This is wrong.  Unfair.  It's wrong to exalt one ideology over another, isn't it?  Wrong to promote one ideology over another, right?

How would the GLBTs feel if Disney called them a "nuance that cannot be accommodated"?  What would they, then, do?  Oh, they'd force Disney to relent, using the guerilla-style tactics they've always used!

It's shameful that Disney will forcibly indoctrinate (brainwash) its employees with "sensitivity training" that exalts GLBT-ism, but the company is hellbent on letting employees be hateful towards Ex-Gays.  Shame on Disney!  Demanding submission to one identifiable group but allowing small-minded hatefulness to exist towards another!  What is Disney, a neo-Nazi group or something?

Disney is therefore nothing but a propaganda and intimidation tool of the militant homosexual movement, which will stop at nothing to get what it wants, which is to be ever-aggressively, relentlessly imposing its views and beliefs onto everyone against their will and against their rights.  (Except against Muslims, of course!  They'll refrain from imposing on the Muslims, because they're afraid of fatwas and of the violent Jihadists they know will come and "get 'em", to hell with the legal system!).  Yea, the GLBTs will be bullies and fascists towards the meek and non-violent, but will never, never go after those they know are willing to retaliate with actual violence, even if it's only a minority of them at this time who would so retaliate... but it doesn't have to be the whole.  Obviously the GLBTs are terrified of Islamic retaliation, so they leave the Muslims alone, never pushing the GLBT stuff at them.  Big mistake, I think.
The proposed resolution cited the failure of the Walt Disney Co. to provide the same protections to ex-"gays" as it does to workers of other lifestyles.

"PFOX has documented numerous incidents of intolerance against the ex-gay community," the resolution stated. "Ex-gays and their supporters are subject to an increasingly hostile environment because they live out or support a different view of homosexuality."

It also noted the Superior Court for the District of Columbia ruled that ex-"gays" are a legally protected class under sexual orientation.

"RESOLVED: The Shareholders request that Disney amend its sexual orientation policy and diversity training programs to explicitly include the prohibition of discrimination based on ex-gay status," said the resolution, which failed. 

Don't you think it's fair to treat Ex-Gays equally and fairly, and not simply, hatefully, illegally dismiss them as a mere "nuance that cannot be accommodated"?

Ex-Gays everywhere:  Stand up and holler:  "They called us a "nuance that can't be accommodated!!!"  Shame them publicly!  Make The People angry at the bigots and haters!

It's time for the Ex-Gays to do what the Gays did.  Stop at nothing to impose onto the "haters" and force them, legally, to "accommodate" and to exalt and promote their ideology and lifestyle!

Force Disney to have "Ex-Gay Pride Week" every year and stuff like that!  Force them to promote the Ex-Gay lifestyle/orientation/self-identification!

Force Disney to be fair and treat everyone equally!

They're here, they're Ex-queer.  They're not going away...  Better get used to it.  And this includes the GLBTs.  The GLBTs must be forced by law to be tolerant of, and endorsing of, the Ex-Gay orientation!  Force the GLBTs against their will, just as they force others!

Equality is equality.  Fairness is fairness.  Human rights are human rights!

People must get rid of their hate, right?  And it's the GLBTs' turn to get rid of theirs.  Or face the legal consequences!

Shoe.  On.  Other.  Foot.  Now.

Why are the gays afraid of those who used to be gay?  What are they afraid will happen if everyone learns that lots of gays convert to straight?  Are they afraid that their decades of propaganda/brainwashing of the population will go down the drain, now that it's apparent that gays can and do change to straight, just as folks can go the other way around?

Yep.  THE GAYS FEAR THE TRUTH.  They hate the truth.  They'll stop at nothing to hide it.

As for hurt feelings on the part of the gays, well, what about the hurt feelings on the part of the Ex-gays?  Why is it bad to hurt gay feelings, but good for gays to hurt Ex-gay feelings?  Should there be a DOUBLE STANDARD?

If the gays keep on hurting the feelings of the Ex-gays, they risk driving more and more of them to commit sucide...  Do the gays want people commiting suicide?  Do the gays want to get rid of inconvenient others?

Like I said, the shoe is on the other foot...  If they're going to allege a "crisis of suicides" without offering proof, then that same tactic can easily be used against them.  If they demand proof of suicides commited by Ex-gays, then we can demand they prove their frequent claims of suicides by gays.

The Gay Agenda and their propaganda tactics are now exposed and being used against them.

But, hey, it's fair and equal!  Surely they believe in fairness and equality???

RELATEDWhose rights matter, whose don't???  Why should a court get to take away peoples' rights?  In the Free World, The People have the final say, NOT the courts!  Because the courts can be so corrupt as to discriminate like this...

The U.K. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by a Christian registrar forced by her employers to perform same-sex "marriage" ceremonies, saying the case does not raise issues of "general public importance."

Lillian Ladele said she is "disappointed" and feels her religious rights have been "trampled by another set of rights," according to a report by the Christian Institute. She is now considering taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights. 

I say, Lillian, fight for your equal human rights!  Don't let the neo-Nazis get you!

If people don't fight to keep their rights, then they will lose them.


Jen said...

Depends which court is left to defend people like Lilian's rights.

I say there is none. Only GOD can help her find the way to find someone, some one who fears no one not even the courts, who will hear her voice.

glasnost said...

It also noted the Superior Court for the District of Columbia ruled that ex-"gays" are a legally protected class under sexual orientation.

Uh oh; here come the Ex ex-gays.

Kez Creates said...

oh my... I live in a little hole apparently and did not realize that this was such a huge issue within the gay community. Well actually I did know because my brother is gay and he tells me all the nasty in-fighting that goes on and now I learn it from a cousin as well, but I guess I didn't understand how much ugliness goes on within a community that asks for tolerance and acceptance.

One of my brother's friends is 'ex gay' and he was married and had a little girl, then his wife died and he is now a single dad. He hangs out with his 'still gay' friends (lol) and no one says a word, but many have ostrasized him for his 'choices'. It's really bizarre and I will never understand it. Ask for acceptance/tolerance, demand it, then kick someone else out of your group for their choices in life? Um....???


Canadian Sentinel said...

It's priceless when the shoe is on the other foot... simply priceless.

And entertaining. One can't help but enjoy witnessing hypocrites squirm when the spotlight is upon them and they look exactly as they've been accusing others of being, which is "intolerant" and "hateful" and "closed-minded", etc., etc.

What could it possibly hurt to accept the obvious reality that people convert both ways out of choice? Really, accepting gay-to-straight converts will not have negative consequences for any individual gays. There's, however, a phobia with respect to the truth. Many in the GLBT community have been living under the delusion that they were "born that way", even though there's NO scientific proof to back this up (though I've heard allegations that "scientists" have "proven" it somehow, pretty much like the IPCC has proven that Global Warming is real).

Acceptance, tolerance and equality works both ways. If it only goes one way, well, we realize that it simply won't work and will only lead to mutual resentment in society and lots of bad feelings. So I'd like to see the gay movement swallow its pride (oops, a pun; LOL) and accept the truth and accept people who are different and who believe differently.

Ex-gays aren't "hateful" towards gays. They just beg to differ, as is their inalienable right... right?

Definitely things are going to change, sooner or later, and Ex-gays will be recognized, accepted and protected as equals... finally.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Always love a good pun. In utopian Jizney... after every good pun comes a rim shot.

Kez Creates said...

I know another gay couple that live in a very small Sask town and one just told me a few weeks ago that they are on the 'outside of the outsiders', meaning the gay community might be considered 'on the outside' of mainstream, but he and his partner are even on the outside of THAT because they are not in your face like Perez Hilton. Those are his words, not mine, and not embellished. We have had several chats about this issue because it always fascinates me that within the gay community there can be a LOT of internal hate. There are gay people who shun Bi-people, bis that shun gays, my brother said that he was shocked at how 'rampant' cheating was within the gay community, there is racial discrimination, discrimination between the more macho gay men and the flamboyant gay men, etc etc. I tell ya, it's enlightening! My bro has been in the Calgary Gay Scene for 12 years and his stories always boggle my brains. There is also a lot of discord about legalized gay marriage - some say not to bother because they don't have to be like everyone else, and some are fighting tooth and nail. The list goes on.

I know that the same thing goes on within the hetero 'community' (cheating, monogamy vs polygamy, sexism, racism, etc), but for a group that so many fight for tolerance and acceptance for, the in-fighting is quite shocking. My brother had a counsellor who was ex-gay and he got threats from gay people. Man, I should write a book about it all lol.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Wouldn't it be something if the Big Old Media had the balls to tell us about that stuff, including whistleblower-style (I'd dare 60 Minutes to be fair and balanced for a change!) interviews involving such folks as who tell you what's what with the whole GLBT realm?

Obviously, the GLBT realm isn't all that homogeneous (pun!)... and is a LOT more diverse than the colors of their semi-official flag...

If people were to become aware of all the bad stuff in the GLBT movement, well, then all the stuff the movement is getting, the movement obviously fears that they won't get any more of what they want, which is what? I mean, they've already got everything they used to say was all they ever wanted, yet they keep changing their minds and demanding stuff they never said they wanted (funny how folks go from "we just want tolerance and acceptance" to things like transforming society in all kinds of revolutionary ways to suit their desires, which reminds me of the Islamic Supremacists, btw).

Why is it "good" to cave in to powerful lobbies such as the GLBT one and the Islamic Supremacist one, but if, for example, JudeoChristians and the Tea Party folks were to stand up and make any demands at all, it's treated as a horrible thing, in contrast?

Ah... it's a "progressive" thing. The Progs are in charge. It's not really much of a democracy in the Free World after all. We're more or less ruled over by Liberal Fascism and Political Correctness, which are ideologies seemingly immune to democratic-opposition action. One can't help but investigate further, marvelling at the sheer bizarreness of the whole situation.

Kez Creates said...

The whole thing boggles my brains. All I told some gay friends about the marriage issue is to watch out cos their tax times won't be as fun anymore ;)

Personally I think other issues are more important, like making sure same-sex partners are treated the same like for being included in family medical insurance policies, wills, life insurance, etc etc. Those things matter to people and can directly affect lives, and who am I to say they can't have that? But when it comes to other issues where it literally causes changes to everyone no matter their sexuality, I take issue with that. Such as the stories of churches being sued for not wanting to officiate a same-sex wedding ceremony, or like your main post with a person not wanting to officiate a ceremony based on her religious beliefs but being forced to, etc.

Even President Obama himself is seen on camera saying he supports Civil marriage but not legalized gay marriage. But regardless of my own feelings on the matter, I know that most issues (not just GLBT by a long shot) end up with 'give an inch, take a mile' and it never ends. I'm still waiting for us to be told at work that we need to buy and read story books with two mommies and two daddies...

I should also add that I have a lesbian friend who just had a child with her partner and they are great moms and thrilled to pieces and I would never want that taken away from them, but they are just like any couple who share their lives with family and friends and don't run around the earth shouting and screaming for attention and being 'in your face'. I respect that and am thrilled for them, so happy to be moms now. But they would not tell me that I need to start reading 'two mommies' books to other people's kids at my center either. That's where I draw a line of difference between certain groups of people.

Canadian Sentinel said...

There seems to be a reluctance (due to fear of retaliation, perhaps) within the GLBT community, in which the moderates who mind their own business and don't impose on others, don't speak out publicly against the militants whose raison d'etre is to be as imposing as possible.

So it's hard to blame folks who think that the moderate members of the GLBT community are either few and far between or perhaps there aren't any. After all, if we don't see them or hear them, how do we know for sure they're there? Out of sight, out of mind... pretty much all we see on "The News" is the extremists who disingenuously babble about "equality", whilst demonizing others who have a different point of view, and demanding they be forced to submit and comply to satisfy the extremists' preferences.

The TRUE "live and let live" folks, like, where are they? The Big Old Media doesn't give them a voice. They're not trying to speak out, perhaps, or they're forbidden to do so. Seems to me that the moderates who wouldn't impose on others, they're as persecuted as are the Ex-Gay folks, wrt speaking out about their own views.

Seems the Free World has become a society that rewards "progressive" extremism and tyranny whilst cracking down really hard on moderates who don't believe in imposing their ways onto others, doesn't it?

This exaltation of "progressive" extremism whilst harshly discouraging traditional liberty... it's one of the beefs we "traditionalists" and "conservatives" have with the Hard Left. We're told to submit to the "progressive" extremism "in the name of equality", but the funny thing is that we're not treated as equals... unless we agree unconditionally. And it's a slippery slope, with the tyranny becoming ever-worse. Before we know it, we'll literally be jailed for dissenting and daring to exercise our constitutional liberties. Many Progs have already demanded such persecution.

Kez Creates said...

I do know some that speak out against the more vocal and embarrassing breed, but they do not really get attention. It's like they get looked at as the crazy ones, not supporting 'their brethern'. It's so mental because that would be like saying if I speak out against whities that are horrifically racist, I am not supporting 'my brethern'. Whatever! It doesn't make sense to me, but I take notice and mentally catalog what goes on behind the scenes.

I told my bf's cousin about a clip I saw on CTV or CBC where a woman was applauding the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, speaking of how wonderful it was for the community to embrace, while on the split screen they kept showing a float where the men were wearing S&M gear and simulating sex and whipping each other. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die! The cousin said that is exactly what is wrong with the pride parades and he would never ever go or support one. He said you don't see straight people during Stampede Week boffing each other on floats lol. That stuff should be kept private, he said, not paraded quite literally on main street. But his words go unnoticed and he is working on a book that is quite eye opening. I hope he finishes it one of these eons lol.

He also thinks that a large part of the disdain *some* people feel for gay folks is because of those in your face people out there who want to ram it down everyone's throats and that makes him angry because it hurts his family and his life. He just wants to live his life and raise his kids and get on in the world, while others seem to thrive on creating tension and rising hackles. My family doesn't like that either.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah... after a week, new comments automatically go to moderation... Otherwise, I probably wouldn't see 'em...

I'll be interested in that book, should it be published...