Sunday, March 21, 2010

Liberal Fascist College Administrator Threatens Coulter

Story here.
World-renowned journalist Ann Coulter is coming to speak in Canada on Monday and is giving me an exclusive one-hour interview on The Michael Coren Show. In this country our publicly funded universities regularly host speakers who accuse Catholics of being murderers and child-rapists, evangelicals of being bigots and Gay-bashers, Zionists of being genocidal madmen and conservatives of being mentally ill and sadistic. There have been calls for Christians to be killed, pro-lifers have been threatened and silenced, scientists who question global warming have been banned and Jewish students report being frightened of being publicly identified. In this context I bring you a letter written by the Vice-President of the University of Ottawa to the award-winning and best-selling author Ms Coulter. As she herself said today, “The provost of u of ottawa is threatening to criminally prosecute me for my speech there on monday before I’ve even set foot in canada!”
Liberal fascism unplugged.

Those leftists don't threaten the likes of Ahmadinejad or Hu, do they?  Nah... they'll let THEM say any bloody thing THEY please.

This reminds me of the times that Netanyahu was prevented from speaking at Concordia, and of the times that anti-Semites prevented David Horowitz from speaking.  And many others.

This will NOT stand.

That college administrator does NOT speak for Canada!


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Audrey II said...

Does it perhaps remind you at all of the time that George Galloway was not sent a polite letter reminding him of Canadian hate-speech laws, but actually banned from coming to Canada? Perhaps a reminder of your cheerleading of such a banning might be in order?


The problem with that "freedom of speech" mask you've donned is that it invariably slips and reveals what actually lies beneath..

Canadian Sentinel said...

You're comparing Galloway to Coulter?

Galloway supports the murderous anti-Semites, and you're comparing him to Coulter?

What an imbecile. An ignorant one, too.

Jen said...

Stay away from CBC, it is like talking to a deadbeat nothing.

Ann Coulter, Robert Fife might ask some 'tough' questions so be alert to answer him. he might ask you "what kind of vegetable do you wish to be?"

Balbulican said...

Heh. It's simple for Scenty. People he likes can do no wrong.

No actual principles at work at all.

Canadian Sentinel said...

FYI everyone, George Galloway is a criminal.

He provided material support to terrorists.

He also illegally received millions from the Oil-for-Food pgm (UN/Iraq), for his public opposition to the sanctions on Saddamite Iraq.

He planned to use his visit to Canada to fundraise for Hamas.


There is NO PARALLEL between Ann Coulter and the criminal George Galloway. Canada was correct to ban his entry.

Big, fat, hairy difference.

Ann Coulter has committed NO crime; George Galloway has.

Anonymous said...

To Anal Bi Club
I love your hypocracy. C.S. supports conservative pundits over imbezelers and terrorists. The fact that you can't see the difference is of no surprise to me as Gallway spoke against "The banning of the hijab in France,"(how topical)he is a hero of yours. It is also amazing that you "sort Muslims from Islamists" please qualify that for me... especially your principals therein. I'm sure that would be interesting material to some Imams who live quite near me. They separate things too. ∞ ≠ ø ☺