Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Opportunistic Opposition's Shameful Haymaking Over Jaffer Sentence


ht: NNW

What, does the Opposition want the government to interfere politically in the case?  Is that what they want?

And how dare they try to use this politically?  They know full well that the government has been trying to change the law to toughen up the justice sytem, but with a minority government, and with, until recently, a Liberal majority in the Senate, hey, that's easier said than done!

And the story also recounts the Opposition's attempted haymaking over the allegations of terrorist detainee "torture", forgetting that they're nothing but allegations, and that the sources of the allegations have offered nothing but claims.  There is NO EVIDENCE of "torture", period, yet the Opposition is hijacking Parliament to obsess over this thing so as to bash and bludgeon the Conservatives with what they think will be effective.  Given this, I say no one who's fair can rightly thump the Conservatives for proroguation, regardless of the reason!  Parliament wasn't doing its job, anyway, with the Opposition chasing after phantoms.

Just another ordinary day in Ottawa, eh!

Nothing much to see here.  Nothing new happening.  The Leftist Opposition won't let any progress happen at all.  Might as well ignore the whole thing until they shut up and move on.  If they have any proof to back up any allegations, then let them table it already!

I'd rather go to see The Vagina Monologues in person than try to follow Canadian politics, as long as the Leftists carry on like this!

Besides, don't they realize that we're at war?  

Are they trying to provide comfort to the Enemy?

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