Monday, March 29, 2010

Moonbat Spotlight: Justin Trudeau

Like father, like son...

Just watch him be a typical Alinskyist following the "Rules" for radicals like him...

Here’s what happened. Mr. Trudeau, a rookie Liberal Montreal MP, was full of vim and vigour yesterday during an appearance on CTV’s Question Period. What landed him in trouble, however, were his sustained interruptions of Ms. Glover.

This did not play well with some viewers – many of whom wrote emails expressing their dissatisfaction with the way in which the panel was moderated (by me) and with Mr. Trudeau’s constant interruptions.

What, was he possessed by professional annoying guy Rick Mercer?  You know how that little frizz-head loves to constantly interrupt folks.  But then again, he's a comedian.  To behave this way as an elected representative of the people is simply... moonbatty.  And immature.

And a sign of someone who couldn't be Prime Minister, obviously.  We don't need a Canuck Obama.

For his part, Mr. Trudeau appears to realize he was being an ass...
Immediately after the show, he tweeted his regrets: “OK, there seems a consensus: no matter how frustrated I get, I will not be interrupting on panels in the future. I’m learning...”

And today, he said he wants to continue to bring that passion but will “wait for my turn.”

Well, we'll see.  We'll be watching him to see whether he does what he says he will.  Never know with them Liberals, y'know.  They're, well, they tend to go "pop!", y'know, like the weasel...

Interruption is a typical tactic of leftist-"progressives" when they're "debating" stuff with conservatives and the conservatives have the upper hand and the leftists haven't a leg to stand on.  Interruption helps the leftists get away with not knowing what they're talking about.  Interruption makes it very difficult for the other person to get their message across effectively, and the leftists know this.  This is why they keep on interrupting conservatives.  And why Big Media journalists do it more to conservatives than to leftists.


Anonymous said...

OMG...was that guy on something, it sure looked that way. How immature and stupid and this is the kind of calibre we have in the House of Commons? Shameful.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Personally I have to put up with leftists who don't let me say more than a few words without interrupting me, having prejudged the rest of what I'm going to say, and what I mean.

They're so arrogant that they believe they can tell the rest of what I'm going to say by the first three or so words. It's as if they believe they're psychic, can read my mind, etc. But they're almost always wrong in their illogical, irrational deductions. How does one try to talk to such people, if they won't let one make one's point, which can require careful elucidation for their proper understanding?

Leftists are so self-centered and have an attention span like a small, hyperactive child. It's annoying. They need to grow up. Simply being older, having a driver's licence, making money, etc., etc... doesn't mean one is really grown-up. Being grown-up is about what's going on in one's brain, about the content of one's character, one's intellectual and emotional maturity, etc.

Jen said...

This is normal to the liberals; they do not like anyone say what might implicate them(liberals), It is a tradition culture of theirs to rant and rave knowing that their beloved media will not interfer- a kind of kiss kiss between the two.
Have you ever seen Marlene Jennings? boy she puts Hollywood to shame.

The liberals don't like you they stole,still owe us money, ruin the military, took money from every department for themselves.
NAH!, the liberals love themselves more.

glasnost said...

My recollection of PET has him much more sophisticated than sonny, although PET was already 46 years old when elected to parliament so I guess one could expect a bit more maturity.
As far as sonny is concerned, all I can say is go Justin; what could be better than a leadership race between Rae and Trudeau to replace Iggy.