Friday, March 26, 2010

Obamacrats Manufacturing Hoax Threats, Attacks, To Point Fingers At Opponents?

All of these alleged incidents of threats and attacks supposedly directed at Democrats.  The Big Media is incessantly hollering about it as much as are the Obamacrats.

But how do we know that they're not largely or wholly maunfactured threats and attacks?

Where's the evidence that what's being claimed is indeed happening, and that it's non-Leftists who are responsible?  Show me the proof!

What if it's just fake stuff committed by the Hard Left's brownshirt operatives to curry public sympathy for the Obamacrats?  Of course, the Obamacrats have badly wronged The People, and may now be cheating to restore favor by perhaps faking violence and "hatred" and pretending to be victims and all that... all the while blaming Republicans, and especially Sarah Palin.

But why is it that when the Democrats, the Hard Left and the Big Media were incessantly, crazily spreading hatred, contempt and incitement towards President Bush, doing so was seen as "patriotic" and "just" and "righteous", whereas now any criticism of the Obamacrats is claimed to be "causing the threats and violence"?  Gimme a break!

I say it's fake, fake, fake... LIKE THE BURNING OF THE REICHSTAG BY THE NAZIS.

It's like a suspect punching himself black and blue and then blaming it on police interrogators so as to claim "police brutality" and get off because of it.

There's no proof that the alleged threats and violence are coming from anyone on the "right".  It's just what the Leftists want to claim.  Same with the Big Media, who's only too happy to holler about it all, all day, every day.

Don't forget... we saw all kinds of threats and actual violence coming from the Democratic side over the years.  We've blogged about it.  I've blogged about it. The New Media online has dutifully reported on it, and there have been MANY reports, which were either largely ignored or largely sanitized by the Big Media to protect the Democrats.

I call bullshit.  I call hoax.

Seems to be a LOT of this bullshit all of a sudden, and I seriously suspect Hard-Leftwing operatives behind it.  I seriously doubt that ordinary Americans are behind it.  Ordinary Americans do NOT believe in civil violence, nor in threats of violence, as do left-wing extremists.  Ordinary Americans are doing the right thing by demonstrating, organizing, discussing, reporting, etc., etc... and they also know that in just a matter of months, they will be able to throw the bums out.

I seriously doubt that what we're hearing from the Obamacrats and the Big Media is the truth.

After all, the Left has a long, nasty history of faking violence and blaming it on the "right", which is actually the Mainstream.



Of course the Obamacrats desperately want to get people to stop talking about the draconian, tyrannical tactics they employed to force a massive monstrosity of a revolutionary change upon Americans, the vast majority of whom are vehemently opposed thereto...

Ah, but, as it was said many times on Seinfeld- IT STILL SMELLS!

UPDATE:  Michelle Malkin on FaceBook:

How the Left fakes the hate: A primer

(Read 'er all)
the Left never takes a break from falsely accusing the Right of fomenting hatred and violence through political speech. The MSM never takes a break from whitewashing leftist intolerance, death threats, and extremism — and engaging in selective reporting (or rather, non-reporting) of the long history of leftists’ manufacturing of hatred for political gain.


Balbulican said...

"Where's the evidence that what's being claimed is indeed happening, and that it's non-Leftists who are responsible? Show me the proof!"

No problem. What proof would you accept, Scenty? Shall I select an incident and try to locate a police report? would that be satisfactory?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Whatever. And when you do that, if you do, I want to see proof of who is the perpetrator.

Is the perpetrator apparently either pro-Obamacrat or anti-Obamacrat-policies/agenda?

Has to be both, to rule out hoaxery.

I added an update linking to Michelle Malkin discussing the issue, linking to evidence that hoaxery is a frequent thing for the Left.

I'll judge whatever links you may provide... fairly but with healthy skepticism, just like you do. Remember, just because, for example, a brick was chucked thru a window, doesn't indicate that it necessarily wasn't a manufactured incident. After all, given the political situation, and given the history of Left-wing hoaxery, the reasonable person will demand further evidence than a mere "police report" of an "incident".

Canadian Sentinel said...

And, mark my words, I think that someone will probably, sooner or later, admit to having perpetrated a hoax, relating to any of the reports we're hearing. This has happened many, many times in the past, and it was the Left who did it. They figure the ends justify the means, after all.

Remember when Warren Kinsella found a swastika and the words "white power" in a toilet stall and made a big stink over it (no pun intended, but it is funny, come to think of it, given the location of the graffiti)? Well, as you may be aware, it was a young, either Indian or Pakistani-descent fellow who did it... So keep this in mind. Lots of leftists believe that hoaxery is ok as long as they mean well and that they might actually somehow be "doing good" by such dishonesty.

This is what might be going on with the allegations and reports of threats and violent acts vis-a-vis the Obamacrats. You MUST agree that it's highly probable that there's at least some of that going on. At least some. After all, they DO follow the Alinsky Rules.

Watcher said...

Andrew Breitbart has made an offer of $10,000 of his own money for someone to come up with proof that racial slurs and threats were made. In the world of millions of phone cameras and FLIPs, it will be interesting to see if someone collects. The leftist hysteria over the supposed threats is laughable. Weren't these the same politicos who wanted to publish addresses of AIG executives and who were organizing bus tours to protest in front of their homes in blatent disregard for their families and their safety? I think the chickens just came home to roost...pun intended. In addition to Michelle Malkin's excellent article, please read the following by Jonah Goldberg.

Anonymous said...

Watch for yourselves:

The people at this protest would probably conduct a citizen’s arrest for spitting or the N epithet. I know I would. It is interesting that the press has not interviewed the U.S. Park Police or U.S. Capitol Police. They are always candid about crowd size, demeanor and incidents. For example the Million Man March got high marks from these organizations. Plain and simple. No interviews. Hmmmm.
So Blabberfarce... STICK IT! ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Balbulican said...

"I'll judge whatever links you may provide... fairly but with healthy skepticism, just like you."

You didn't quite it right, but of course I knew you wouldn't.

You see, unless you specify a standard for proof (a police report, for instance), you will simply say to any evidence: "I'm not convinced".

And that's the difference between an honest blogger and a propagandist.

You want to show you're blogging in good faith? An honest man? Then specify a standard of evidence.

You won't, of course. But it's fun to watch you avoid it.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Heh. I see Balbulican came up with nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Probabaly a grad of the U of Zero, eh! :b

Just offer proof so we can see whether there's anything concrete and valid.

I think Balbulican's problem is that he has nothing concrete nor valid to offer so as to to come to the aid of his ideological party. FAIL!

Speaking of doing things in good faith, well, take a look at the Obamacrats. Even Balbulican knows they don't do their stuff in good faith, but he doesn't want to admit that he's a true believer in the philosophy that "the ends justify the means", as are the Obamacrats.

I watched those videos provided by Anon. It's weird how those politicians deliberately placed themselves where the protestors were, with shockingly minimal security escort. Clearly they knew the truth, which is that the Tea Party folks are NOT violent. And clearly they're NOT racist either. Besides, it's a big lie told by Democrats and the Big Media that they're "all white". We know it's a big lie.

It smacks of a propaganda stunt. I betcha the Democratic Party strategists came up with the idea that minority-looking Democrats should pull this stunt and later claim that someone hurled racial epithets at them. Well, we didn't witness anything of the sort. It's all claims, wholly unbacked by any evidence. Light or dark skin, it doesn't matter worth beans- ALL Democrat politicians are ALL the same, which means they're ALL lairs, liars, liars! And money is all they need to sell their souls and sell out their country and their people.

Now... some proof of the alleged threats and the violence, please. PROOF! Even police can be ordered to lie to us. All professions have been corrupted, after all, and folks who fear retaliation or the loss of their jobs will do unethical, illegal things... even some police. Just like the "climate change scientists".

It's far more believable that Saddam was hiding WMDs than it is that there's any truth to the allegations of threats and violence being made by Democratic tyrants to try to look like victims rather than what they are, ie. mean-spirited, tyrannical victimizers of the American People.

Balbulican said...

So you will not specify what you'd accept as evidence: not even police reports, because "police can be ordered to lie to us".

Now, Scenty, think really, REALLY hard, and try to understand this next point, because it's important.

You have just confirmed that there is simply no evidence that you accept, which has in fact been my experience in trying to talk to you seriously in the past.

Now, there's a name for the state of mind in which a person resolutely rejects evidence if it contradicts his personal world view. There's another name for folks who demand to be shown proof but know, in their hearts, that no proof will ever satisfy them.

And that's why Obama is quite right in ignoring you and every other birfer. As you've just confirmed, you're not interested in proof. You just like to rant.

Canadian Sentinel said...

No evidence to offer, then. Very well.

Dismissed. Including the cunninglinguistic, Chomsky-esque, so-called "critical thinking" propaganda in your comment.

Balbulican said...

I hope you don't mind if I mock you a bit back at our site, but I haven't seen quite such an amusing display of incapacity in a long time. ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

I laugh at your incrediblity, Balbulican. No proof, no credibility.

The Obamacrats are, as far as I'm concerned, pending proof to the contrary, manufacturing a fake crisis to paint themselves as victims, while they're tyrants. It's astonishing! Much like how the Nazis painted themselves the victims of the Jews, actually.

What next, the Obamacrats will enlist some purpleshirter to commit arson at the Capitol? Nah, probably nothing that draconian, but then again, no one saw it coming in Germany when the Reichstag was torched by the Nazis to paint themselves as "victims"...

Anonymous said...

Just to demonstrate how incredibly lazy progs are, after a brief interlude of house painting I returned to this thread and reviewed Malkin's post (already linked here courtesy of C.S.)and found that I missed the link she provided of THE INCIDENT. (Full creds to Malkin and C.S. for ethics in reporting.) I missed the link due to the blood which filled my eyes while reviewing the prog hate mail Malkin posted. So for Blaby's convenience I will post it here:
As far as standards of evidence, the U.S. Capitol police were standing right there at the time (within 5 ft.). Emanuel Cleaver attempted to make a scene by cleverly involving a different officer who did not witness the incident. MUCH MORE ABOUT THAT could be said, but I will refrain as Cleaver is a horse's ass anyway.
∞ ≠ ø ☺