Saturday, March 27, 2010

Allan Rock Spews Typical Liberal BS At UOttawa

Eh what?  Uh, ha-ha!  I gotta go! Bye!
Former Chretien Liberal Reich cabmin Allan Rock (now President-in-absentia of the University of Ottawa) looks at his watch, apparently eager to run away from responsibility, today, as before.
What does one expect of a mean-spirited Liberal infamous for his horrific treatment of those who contracted Hepatitis-C due to gross state-apparatus incompetence?
 Out of touch with reality, pretending that his job is purely political, as if he was still in the Chretien Reich...

And in complete denial of what's going on.  He's running away like a complete Left-wing coward.

Allan Rock.  Remember that idiot?
Given all of that, one would expect the person who runs the university to rise to its defence. Especially when that person is a former federal cabinet minister who has some experience in dealing with controversy.

Instead, Allan Rock's brief written statement bore no relation to reality. "Freedom of expression is a core value that the University of Ottawa has always promoted," Rock asserted. Maybe his VP didn't get the memo. The president then claimed that people had gathered to "listen to and debate Ann Coulter's opinions." Not quite. She didn't get to speak. And by "debate," he must have meant "shout slogans." Rock finished up by encouraging everyone to maintain the university "as an open forum for diverse opinions." Does he really think that is what his university is?

Rock didn't defend the approach taken by his vice-president academic, nor did he condemn it. He neither supported nor criticized the students who prevented Coulter from speaking. In fact, he said nothing. And he's sticking to it. "No further comments will be issued," the statement concluded.

I guess that old poop was still following the advice of the old Chretien Reich communications wizards and strategists.  Probably thinks it always works, eh?  Say some gobbleddygook to try to manipulatively, disingenously soothe the appalled, and then smile and run away, eh?  Typical Leftist asshole.  Big double thumbs down, with tongue stuck out.

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