Monday, March 15, 2010

Is It Me, Or...?

Does it seem to you, too, that the Big Old Media is suddenly "doing its job" and dissecting, examining, analyzing and hollering at us about absolutely everything the Conservative government does?  And did you notice that lately it's pretty much all negative?

Like the proroguation thing.  The Big Old Media treated that as if it was a new, horrible thing never done before, which couldn't have been further from the truth.  And they didn't bludgeon Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for HIS proroguation, at the very same time, of the Provincial Parliament.  WTF!

Do you remember them doing this obsessive dissection, examination, analysis and hollering with respect to the Liberal government of Jean Chretien?  Me neither.  They just let them do whatever they wanted, pretty much.  No wonder that guy was nicknamed "The Teflon Don".  In fact, the Big Old Media did it, instead, to Reform, the Canadian Alliance and then to the Conservative Party, whom they, fortunately, failed to keep from winning the last two elections.

They also put the Bush Administration on the dissecting tray, whereas they do NO such thing with the Obama Administration (it takes the New Media to do this, and they do an excellent job, in contrast to the Big Old Media).

Hmm...  The Big Old Media... still up to the same old tricks.  Clearly they've learned nothing.  They don't feel themselves shooting more holes into their feet!


Sounder said...

They are spoon feeding Canadians pablum CS, from the left side of the bowl.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I suspect they whizzed in the pablum, too... 'cause it's quite bitter and unpleasant.