Monday, March 15, 2010

Poll Used For Propaganda Purposes By Far Left

Of course, there IS racism, bigotry, intolerance, unfairness, unequal treatment, everywhere.  No doubt about it.  All groups practice discrimination against those who are different; all groups have members who are bigots and supremacists... ALL groups, without exception, whatever their "color", whatever their origin, etc., have such folks within.

But evidence and truth are more important than paranoia, fearmongering and propaganda, none of which are helpful and may even make everything worse, in fact.

As everyone knows, CRYING WOLF does more harm than good.

Well, this poll's results don't come as a surprise to me, as they reflect the way Canadians have been conditioned via the Big Media to think.

So is it any wonder that Canadians will say, yes, "visible minorities" are "treated differently" than "non-visible minorities" in Canada?  No surprise there.  Sure, it happens.  But is it as massive a problem as some are trying to lead us to think?

The problem is that we see some hard-left activist groups using this poll to push an alarmist propaganda agenda, pretending that there's a fast-growing crisis of "racism" in Canada which requires some federal programs to address.

It reminds me of Liberal MP Hedy Fry's infamous, and totally false, claim that "crosses are burning as we speak" in one community in B.C.  Obviously she wanted to raise false alarms for political reasons, ie. to hurt the Opposition at the time in terms of public perception.  We're talking about crying wolf.

We already have such equality-enforcing "programs" firmly in place.  As far as I can tell, Canada is pretty much the best place in the world to be "diverse".  Equality is a public and government imperative.  Hey, what about the dark-skinned, Muslim-immigrant former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer who supposedly "got off easy" after being picked up for speeding and allegedly being in possession of cocaine?  Well, with this in the news all day, every day, they're actually saying that this guy was "treated differently", yes, but why?  Some think it's because he's a Conservative.  And it's interesting (and ironic, given the poll in question) that he's being treated quite well, considering the seriousness of the charges originally laid.  Perhaps people were thinking of Rahim Jaffer being treated "better", when they answered the poll.  That would count as a perception that "minorities are treated differnetly", sure.

So I'd ask these hard-left groups to explain specifically what more they want, rather than just saying, generally, vaguely, "the feds must do more", based on nothing but an OPINION POLL, NOT ACTUAL EVIDENCE.  Something in their vagueness suggests that they don't know what they're talking about and are just spreading fear, alarm and paranoia.  And this is actually hurtful in and of itself.

Something doesn't seem right here.  I suspect the beginning of a campaign to falsely claim that there's a rapidly-growing crisis of racism and other forms of discrimination in Canada.  Such a campaign wouldn't be new at all, but after all those successful past campaigns, I ask, why again?  Based on a mere opinion poll that only sounds out the CONDITIONED PERCEPTIONS of the public?

I'd ask how come these supposed "anti-racists" don't care about the holocaust in China against the Falun Gong people.  Why they don't care about ethnic cleansing in the Islamic World that's apparently accelerating, with non-Muslims experiencing increasing persecution and violence.

Why bash Canada in particular?  Is it part of a foreign plot to divert attention from what's happening in places like totalitarian China and the Islamic-Supremacist World?  Are the far-left groups being used as brainless pawns in this campaign of perceptual manipulation?

Further, "treated differently"... that phrase could mean "treated BETTER" as well as meaning "treated WORSE".

The poll is obviously set up to include those who believe that minorities are treated BETTER in addition to those who believe they're treated WORSE.  Hmm.  How clever.  Distort, distort, fudge, fudge.  What a bad poll.  It's a big CHEAT.  "Differently" means either "better" or "worse", so if one adds both "better" and "worse", one gets a much more impressive number, thus serving the fear campaign's objectives.  Kind of makes me think of the "global warming" campaign that's been debunked as a shell-game data-fudging fraud.

Perhaps the agenda is to make it harder for national security officials to do their job by making them afraid to go after terrorists, many of whom do happen to be "visibly" minority?  Hmm.  We'll have to be watching how the propaganda campaign unfolds...

RELATED:   More "expert" activists tell us that there's racism, racism, racism everywhere.  But, hey, SHOW me this "racism" you guys tell us that there's supposed to be.  I want to SEE it.  Not just one isolated incident, but a LOT.  PROVE you're right; prove you're telling the truth.  Prove it, why don't y'all?  If you don't prove it with hard evidence, then why should we believe you're not just crying wolf for ideological-activist reasons?  If you don't prove it, people will look closely at you to see whether you're apparently pursuing a hidden agenda of some sort, with being "anti-racist" as a cover and shield.

I predict that the Left and the Big Media are just getting warmed up with a campaign to scare us with propaganda to make us think that Canada today is like 1938 Germany or like Apartheid South Africa.  Why they'd do this, remains to be examined and analyzed.

RELATED 2:   Also, naturally, helping sound the alarm is the CBC.  Boy, but do they make a mere sounding of OPINIONS sound as if it's conclusive proof that there's rampant hatred out there.  And I note the bias, too, against Christians... Christians weren't, apparently, a group asked about in the polling, for which no one is providing a link, by the way, as if they're hiding something, and don't want us to dissect the polling questions and methodology for ourselves.

Hmm.  That CBC one involves Environics.  The CNews one involves Leger Marketing.  Hmm.  Released and trumpeted simultaneously.  Pretty weird, eh!  And the Ottawa Citizen piece refers to a StatsCan report released just last week.  I'm sure there's others with their own pieces, playing, "me, too", toeing the "Progressive" party line as usual.

Hmm.  What's going on here?  All of a sudden the MMD is, all together, going bonkers and screaming "racism!" at us, but has no evidence to back up its subtle panic.  What, did they plot beforehand to be doing this all together at once, all of a sudden?  Weird!


Jen said...


'I predict that the Left and the Big Media are just getting warmed up with a campaign to scare us with propaganda to make us think that Canada today is like 1938 Germany or like Apartheid South Africa. Why they'd do this, remains to be examined and analyzed.'

CS, send your prediction right now to the very medias which are doing these things.
Let's see how fast they tell you no things of what they say or implying is going on. Really? give them a few examples of where how they word their questions.

Tell them CS, give them the 'shock' into their own 'creation.'

glasnost said...

So I'd ask these hard-left groups to explain specifically what more they want, rather than just saying, generally, vaguely, "the feds must do more"...
What they generally want is to glean their moral superiority in the easiest way possible. It's effortless for them to simply point an accusative finger and then strut away patting themselves on the back for their fine contribution to making the world better. Yet they seem unaware that their efforts have the perverse effect of exacerbating "[t]he Canadian practice of 'papering over' any angst about multiculturalism and immigration..."