Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leftist Arrested For Death Threat Against Republican & His Family

Here we go again...

Funny how the Democrats and their comrades in the Big Newsmedia have been attempting to manufacture an illusion that there's "right-wingers" going around uttering threats and committing violence against Democrats, and blaming Republican political criticism for fomenting it all, whereas, in fact...
Federal authorities have arrested a Philadelphia man and charged him with threatening to kill House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and his family.

The guy uttered anti-Semitic slurs as well as threatening the Republican and his family.

And he donated money to Obama.

Right-wing?  I don't think so.

Expect the Big Newsmedia to downplay the arrest, because the guy ain't a "right-winger".  If he had been a "right-winger", then for sure the "news" folks would make a big stink.

Crazy leftists, eh!  So why doesn't DHS head Napolitano issue a nationwide law-enforcement BOLO for "Left-wing Extremists"?


Audrey II said...

Where did this bizarre idea of mutual exclusivity come from? A =/= !B. If this person did do what they've been accused of, I'm glad they were caught and think they should be punished. But how exactly does that say anything at all about the rise in right-wing violent rhetoric as of late? Surely you're not attempting to compare this situation to the aggregate of everything else that's occurred, are you?

Canadian Sentinel said...

rise in right-wing violent rhetoric as of late

Can you substantiate this? Got any proof? Let's see some.

Anonymous said...

I just hear, "Weed me"..."Weed me."
Go back to skid row!
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Audrey II said...

"Got any proof?"

I would think that the 400% increase in Presidential death threats since Obama took office would be slightly more relevant (and logically coherent) than pointing to a single incident and suggesting that because it involved someone on the left, that it's an "illusion" that violent rhetoric has been occurring amongst the right.

Canadian Sentinel said...


Where's the beef?

Show me the money! Back up your contentions. Don't just make 'em.

What's that crap you're spewing? That's pure spin, nothing else!

You sound like some fullashit Liberal/NDP spin doctor on TV...

Sorry, but I know how you guys operate.

I call bullshit.

Audrey II said...

Well, for starters here's a link to a telegraph piece on the increase in Presidential death threats since Obama took office.

And as much as it pains me to do this, here's a link to a FOX News piece today about increased threats directed towards the IRS.

Note how both of the above don't point to single instances, let alone employ an absurd 'A, therefor !B' assumption of mutual exclusivity.

Canadian Sentinel said...

...And where's the observable evidence that it has any connection to the Republican Party, the Tea Party folks, and to conservatives in general?

Some of the threats are from Muslims. The guy who flew his plane into the IRS bldg. was a hard-left Obama worshipper/Bush-hater.

Obama's a polarizing extremist, no doubt. The more extreme a President behaves in office, well... And you got to admit that Obama's far more extreme than the admittedly moderate, boring Bush II.

Besides, how do we know how many of the threats are genuine and how many are hoaxes? No doubt the Leftist activist network must be fully employed in falsifying threats so that the Dems and the Big Media can then claim that it's all the fault of those who communicate dissent and opposition to the Obamacrat agenda. Of course. Leftists cheat. It's no secret. They're caught cheating all the time.

Further, the total increase in reported threats didn't happen after the imposition of ObamaCare. It's all compiled since the election.

No way of knowing how much of it is real, how much is a hoax.

No indication that there's any crisis or anything wrt Mainstream Americans issuing threats, etc. No evidence at all. One logically assumes it's pretty much just isolated nuts.

Anonymous said...

Audrey you hysterical weed.
The article you sighted is so piss poor I'm not sure where to begin. The byline says that POTENTIAL threats have increased "according to a new book." That book came out last summer. It was the tell all about Kennedy diddling anything that moved and Johnson standing in front of his secretaries waiving his surname. The author, Kessler, is a former Washington Post reporter. Kessler is a sensationalist fool.
As far as the 400% increase, who in the hell said that and on what basis. Just what is a POTENTIAL threat? When I drive by the Whitehouse.. or when I eat beans? Does that count? If this president receives 30 "potential" threats a day that would be over 12,000 since he took office. Hey.... that’s 400% of 3000 annual threats against Bush. But we are well past a year in office...Hmmmmm..Audrey...have you been doing math? The actual increase...if the standard of what constitutes as a threat is the same... would be a 365% increase with an annualized 10,950 "potential" threats for Obama. Not bad for a fascist dictator. Not likely the case either... yet.
It's all a bunch of sensationalist crap. What matters are genuine threats and materialized attempts. By contrast Reagan was very popular. He got shot by a nutter. It looks like another leftist nutter has made a credible threat against a Republican Representative. Leftists looking bad again. No surprises here.
…and Audrey (is full of it too) don’t manufacture news. You have no talent for it. ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Maybe Audrey Number Two is actually Dan Rather...

Canadian Sentinel said...

By the way, funny how the Big Media doesn't want to mention that the guy is a hateful Islamic Supremacist...