Sunday, March 14, 2010

Law & Order: SVU's Anti-Christian Storyline Continues

Story here.
NBC’s "Law & Order" programs are long-established and all over the schedule. But the sex-obsessed vice cops of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" are a breed apart. They exist to be socially provocative, which is to say, to rattle, to disturb. Viewers at home probably weren’t ready for the plot that aired on NBC on March 3. These script writers are so revolting that they become almost comical.

As you read what follows, you decided how closely this mirrors anything resembling the world of reality.

Someone was strangling prostitutes to death and leaving prayer cards behind. The first suspect was a perverted man whose wife proclaimed he had converted to Christianity and overcome his sinful ways. The cops quickly discovered the man dismissed his wife as a "prude" and he was cheating on her with a variety of young girls, because "it’s not a crime to want a little variety" in his sex life, including "toys, role play, and threesomes." Despite his ardor for sexual gunplay as well, this so-called Christian was not the strangler.
Unsurprisingly, the killer was a Bible-quoting minister. During an interrogation by the male lead detective on "SVU," he claimed. "There is a better life waiting for girls like her [a murdered prostitute] in Heaven," that "God put me on this earth to fight Satan’s grip on these girls’ souls!" and "Sometimes dying is better than living."

Hmm.  Why don't the writers at L&O: SVU ever, ever, ever do this to Islam?  Portray Muslims in such a comically extreme negative light through fictional Muslim characters?  Would they ever dare?

Afraid?  Of what?  Losing their heads or something?

At least there's plenty of precedent for that in the real world.

Easy to make Christians look bad because they know that there's pretty much NO Christians going around retaliating like, say, the Mohammed Toon jihadis did.  Easy to go after folks whom one believes won't do anything in response to malicious, and incessant, smears.

Ah, but L&O: SVU is, after all, nothing more than a figment of some Christianophobic, hard-leftwingnutcase Hollyweird writers...  At best it may be mildly entertaining.  At worst, it might make some impressionable folks develop what I'd call Christianophobic attitudes.  That said, what if the writers were to treat gays and Muslims in their storylines as aggressively negatively as they treat Christians?  Surely there'd be complaints... at least.  And, following the complaints, the writers would be advised that their bosses "wanted to talk to them".


Audrey II said...

A few quick questions:

What was the very first SVU episode? What was the plotline? Who were the killers and what was their religious affiliation?

What do you think the distribution of religious affiliation is in the geographic location depicted in SVU?

What distribution of religious affiliation do you think SVU should adopt to accurately reflect the above?

Sexual abuse within the Church by professing Christian leaders isn't "comical", it's reality, and it is hardly "anti-Christian to have a small handful of episodes in a large aggregate of seasons revolve around this.

I think you've got an uphill battle to prove that SVU has avoided scripting Muslim characters as antagonists or killers. I only had to look at the very first episode ever shown to find an example.

Not 24 != Anti-Christian, IMHO.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Whoever's scratching that chalkboard, please stop, already! Sheesh, it sounds like a Prog trying to sound like he understands stuff...

Canadian Sentinel said...

First episode, then the rest of the episodes. Things can change, no?

What, the writers can't be pressured (like by the CAIR, which is a hate-propaganda and intimidation group)to make ridiculous, hate-and-contempt-inciting attacks against Christians mostly whilst treating the Islamic Supremacists as if they're just occassional spankers of their kids, making them seem "like everyone else", ignoring all the inhuman atrocities they commit worldwide every damn day in the name of Islam?

You're a dhimmi with his head upside his bum. Ignorant, that's what I mean you are.

Your preference for ignorance of reality and for delusionality makes me less likely to bother to talk to you, for wilfully, stubbornly closed-minded folks are a bore and a frustration.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where to start. 1. Remain calm. 2. Prepare for obnoxious celebration... But which side??

The first episode of SVU was titled "Payback." The story is about a cab driver who is found with over 20 stab wounds and his genitals mutilated. The man had a false license but is later identified as former Serbian military officer Stefan Tanzic. He was involved in ethnic cleansing under Milosevic. Now in New York, his past catches up with him as he is brutally slaughtered and castrated by two of some 67 women he purportedly raped.
Here'z the nutz. Tanzic was, by indication, a Christian Orthodox. The two ladies were Muslim by two indications. Jushari says Allah Akbar when she hears of Tanzics death and an accomplice named Rugova bears the name of the Muslim Albanian leader during the war in Kosovo. In the end the captain makes a reference to Sikhs and to knives in handbags. This however seems to be a non-sequitur.
The Muslims are portrayed as the victims. Female detective Benson is sensitive to rape because of her past and questions justice. In the end the Muslim woman who stabbed and mutilated a man who raped her years before gets this: "Abbie: Get her transported, I'll have her arraigned, minimal bail — she'll be home with her kid in time for dinner." Because in Allah land revenge isn't wrong, hence the title "Payback".

Audrey at this point I will ask you to remember Emily Littela.

As for the other stuff: The religious distribution affiliation (ptewy!) Does not matter as this is fiction, dear. While Law and Order is more based on current events, SVU is quite uninhibited in what it draws from. But here: (expand view box)
Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island Bronx
Catholics 58.8% 52.5% 60.0% 79.6% 77.5%
Evangelical Protestant 5.5% 3.0% 3.9% 2.8% 4.2%
Mainline Protestant 6.6% 9.3% 5.7% 4.3% 4.7%
Jewish 24.4% 29.2% 22.2% 10.1% 11.2%
Muslim 3.7% 3.4% 4.9% 2.4% 1.6%
Eastern Orthodox 0.7% 1.8% 2.7% 0.6% 0.5%
Other Religions 0.2% 0.7% 0.7% 0.3% 0.3%
Catholics, Jews, and very little ewes. Why do you think 9/11 happened there? 2-3% collateral damage for a start.
Let's see what else... oh yeah you see it's the writers and their ill conceived plots that are comical not any actual event of child harm etc.
Lastly isn't it obvious that the whole world is walking on eggshells around Muslims. The unyielding bad stewardship of their faith has turned it into a blight upon humanity.
Christians are not the problem are they?
Judgment: C.S.∞, Audrey II ø. ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Wish I had more time to research like that, though I'm generally loathe to play the cornholer Progs' time-wasting games. I'm sure I'd have been able to discover that, in fact, Audrey Two doesn't know what s/he's talking about, notwithstanding the impressive vocabulary (is this the Wizard of Cunning Linguism Noam Chomsky as "Audrey II"?)...

But I thank you for doing the research and showing the cornholer Prog that we're a group who works together to expose the cornholers as liars and manipulative cunning linguists...

BTW, Audrey II's website is a blatant spoof of, which is Canada's premier conservative blog and also won "Best Conservative Blog" in 2008, beating even the top American ones, thanks to its popularity amongst Americans.

Anonymous said...

Well if Audry II has a website I'm sure it’s full of lies just like the ones she spewed here. She damn near broke my crap detector. People shouldn’t have to do research to find the truth but this just goes to show readers the temerity of the liberal agenda. It really is hard to believe that people operate in full lie mode every day.

To all readers:
Let this be a lesson. They will lie to you about anything and everything to bring down the conservative. They want to be freed from the responsibility of their actions, freed from the burden of honest work. Their goal is a farcical utopia which cannot exist in this world. The results of their efforts have been seen before: Communism, Totalitarianism, Theocracies, and FASCISM. The ranting lying challenges you saw issued here was the work of a budding FASCIST. Be vigilant, in the end the truth will out.
Thanks C.S.! ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, she's got a website., Click on 'er moniker. IT's a doozy.,

Always going after me. She's one of the better propagandists, and targets me. This tells me that I'm a threat to the CAnadian LEft's agenda.

Keep it up, Audrey Number Two. Keep on lying and showing everyone the nipple on your soul...

Audrey II said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for acknowledging that 1) Law and Order SVU has cast Muslims as killers, including in (but not limited to) its very first episode, that the setting for the show is New York, which has an extremely low Muslim demographic, and that 3) the demographic of the setting is overwhelmingly Catholic in comparison to other religious affiliations. You're certainly right to point out that "Payback" doesn't treat its antagonists as harshly as it has some of the others, but I don't think its a full-throated defense of vigilantism or revenge, and i do also think that its much more critical of the at least one of the Muslim killers than you seem willing to give it credit for. If anyone's interested in offering up their opinions, I encourage them to watch the episode. It's available online at a number of different sites.

I'm not certain how asking questions to bring those facts to the forefront of the discussion constitutes "lying" or is connected to Marxism or Fascism, but given the apparent readiness of the Goldberg/Beck crowd to toss slurs around with little care of their meaning or accuracy, I'm not terribly surprised to see them raised and/or praised here. I'm content with how I think the above facts provide a contrast to C.S.'s conclusion about SVU being "anti-Christian", and think that others (though obviously not all) will agree. I won't hold my breath for an apology for the "lying" accusation.

I do think that Christian persecution exists in the world, but I think efforts like this post do a tremendous disservice to real examples of it, and just show how dependent some of the rhetoric on the right has become to perpetual victimhood, manufactured persecution and populism. If that's the albatross that the political right in the west is voluntarily going to tie itself to, I wish it the best of luck and will continue to do my best to draw attention to the show.

...Cry "Persecution!", and let slip the hats of tinfoil!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Like I said, Audrey II is one of the better propagandists in Canada.

Been dealing with 'em for years, so I know.

They're master psychoaffectors. Cunning linguists in the Chomsky tradition. I've become able to spot their tactics, almost beyond visual range. It's as if they were trained in the same school or something!

And Audrey II is apparently selectively ignorant of all the proof I've posted on my blog over the years of all the real-life anti-Christian persecution, and which I've continued to post during the time Audrey II has been closely following my posting.

Be careful... Audrey II is THAT good, if one can ever call a hardcore neo-Communist "good", eh!

Anonymous said...

I actually watched the SVU pilot last night and unwittingly became a special victim of mental torture. What a load of crap. When I posted my proof that Audrey is full of it too, I had only sped through a copy of the transcript I found on line. Well, seeing is believing and I believe this: Audrey II is deranged.
In her follow up post Audrey (is full of it too) thanks me for acknowledging "1) Law and Order has cast Muslims as killers…” Not true. This is a lie. I posted: “Here’s the nutz…. The Muslims are portrayed as the victims.” I will reaffirm that by saying this. The Serbian named Tanzic, presumably Orthodox Christian by association with ethnic cleansing, is the serial rapist axe murderer. Marta Stevens and Anya Rugova, presumably Muslim by association by being victims during the Milosevic cleanse say the following:
“ Tanzic picked me out. He said I was “too pretty” to stay in the tents. That night, he raped me. He raped me every night for 23 days.
Marta Stevens (cont')
Sometimes he was too drunk, so he did it with whatever was there — a wrench... a pistol... a broom handle. Every day he would handcuff me to his bed, and every night he would say that maybe when he's tired of me, he would shoot me instead of using me. So, I'm not sorry he's dead. “
Anya Rugova
He murdered my husband and my four-year-old grandson with a hatchet.
Interestingly we can only assert that these women are Muslim through an understanding of the Serbian army’s ethnic cleanse. After examining the show itself, the only real assumption should be is that they were not Serbs. This is an error on my part for just parsing a transcript. There is nothing indicative of any religion in these two roles. This further erodes Audrey (is full of it too)’s original position. The only role in the show that was that of a Muslim was that of Lleana Jushari who made this brief appearance as, yes, a victim.
(Shot of Ileana Jushari's face. Her eyes have been scratched out, and there are scars on her face)
Did you know Stefan Tanzic?
Ileana Jushari
(becomes very upset and frightened and starts to cry)
He is the one who did this to me!
(reaches up to her face)
(leans down to say something to Jushari)
I just want you to know, he's dead.
Ileana Jushari
(a wave of relief sweeps across her face)
Allah Akbar!
(silently weeps)

Audrey (is full of it too)’s comments on demographics are about as cogent as her treatment of Shakespeare. Dick Wolf et. al. could care less about accurate depictions of N.Y. City. They merely use it to lend their stories authenticity; stories which are borrowed and then krafted. It is in this process that C.S. and many others have noted anti Christian sentiments. C.S. challenges S.V.U. to put out a show where a Muslim is the antagonist because of faith or an abuse thereof. Audrey (is full of it too) says that this has been done and cites an example. The example is deliberately false and presently stands disproven. In the example she cited the police Captain Cragen is the antagonist who stands for blind justice and is thwarted in the end. I therefore reissue the challenge. Check out the other 238 episodes. I did my homework, go do yours.
Cry ‘Mendacity,’ and let slip the hounds of truth. ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Excellent, Infinity.

Audrey II? Got any proof, real proof that doesn't require anyone else to go fishing for anything, that L&O: SVU has done shows that depict, as main episode antagonists, apparently Islamic perps apparently committing horrific atrocities?

No more games. I won't play. Infinity can play if desired, but to make people play your game, only to prove you a liar, after which you change the subject and get all Chomsky-ite and cunning-linguistic... well, you'll only expose yourself conclusively as a liar and propagandist par excellence, and suspectedly a professional one at that. Perhaps you're a professional propagandist and your blog is just a little something on the side...

It's up to you, Audrey II, to either confess, or to provide valid, immediate proof, without trying to "keep the game going and wear out your opponents".

Trying to wear us down, that's Alinskyist, y'know.

Myself, I simply ignore those who try to lure me into stupid games that'll resolve nothing.

Myself, I prefer the CSI series, especially NY and Miami. Why? Because the main detectives aren't leftists. Det. Crane is, to me, obviously Christian due to his unshakable morality and caring for everyone (and willingness to forgive their transgressions should they repent therefor), whilst not being afraid to "do his duty" when absolutely required. And the NY detective, played by real-life conservative Gary Sinise, isn't a leftist by any stretch of the imagination, and he lost a loved one at Ground Zero. Now, CSI is worth watching. I also like NCIS, as I don't find it to be too politically correct, and it positively portrays a Jewish-Israeli ex-Mossad agent who's in the process of becoming a US citizen. The leftist shows would probably make her look bad.

Audrey II said...

Calling someone a liar, especially when you’ve already acknowledged the truth of their claim in the very same thread, isn’t much of an argument. Others are certainly welcome to disagree with the conclusion that I’ve drawn from SVU’s depiction of two Muslim women as the killers in its very first episode and the ramifications that has for C.S. argument of SVU being “anti-Christian”, but you’re not welcome to your own facts, and I’m quite comfortable leaving it in the hands of readers to verify for themselves my claim about identities and religious affiliation of the two women killers in that episode and to evaluate your repeated “liar” accusations accordingly.

The expectation that SVU meet some sort of “quota” (all irony intended) of radical Islamic terrorism depictions lest it be anti-Christian seems to me to be not only bizarre because of the non-reality-reflective nature of the demand, but its also indicative of the current conservative movement towards !A=B ideological affirmative action, which has given rise to the demand for things like Conservapedia, Fox News, and the constant cry of “bias” whenever something is deemed insufficiently conservative. Perpetual manufactured persecution is the tool of the populist, and while it certainly can be effective in the short run, it eventually collapses under the weight of its own untenability.

For the record, my profession doesn’t anything having to do with politics or news whatsoever, and my blog is just a lark. I realize that this might create difficulties for the paranoid narrative of having been targeted by a professional propagandist because of proficiency, but then again, reality does tend to get in the way of persecution complexes and conspiracy theories.

Enjoy your Jack Bauer and Horatio Crane. I hope they’re “Christian Friendly” enough for you. I, on the other hand, prefer to choose shows based on their entertainment value. As such, I can recognize and enjoy the artistic merit of movies, music, art, plays, and television without that being anchored to any political lean the artists or characters might have. Maybe that's the "Alinskyist" (channeling Glenn Beck now???) in me.

I must now report back to central committee my findings here. Look for me to return after the commissar provides me with further instruction! SVU's secret agenda will be protected!

Canadian Sentinel said...

"acknowledged the truth of their claim in the very same thread"

--Huh? Where, exactly? What claim, what concurrence? Be specific and make the case, painstakingly, else I'll just draw a red "x" next to your effort to fool me into passing you.

"Perpetual manufactured persecution is the tool of the populist"

--Nope- it's the tool of the tyrant. Populists don't have to manufacture the persecution, because it's real. Because there are tyrants, and tyrants persecute. I guess you don't like populists, because they don't submit to tyranny? Don't like people who dare to rock the boat, standing up for their rights?

Tyrants claim to stand up for the imaginary "downtrodden People", but the real People know that it's a whole pile of crap, like in China, like in Venezuela. The tyrants' claim to be standing up for "the People" whilst actually tyrannizing and persecuting them... well, it's obviously bull.

Nice pile of Chomsky-oopers, though. 'Scuse me whilst I light a match, 'cause the place reeks... thanks a lot for that...

Propagandists. Dishonest ones. Ain't they just dandy?

Anonymous said...

Audrey you moonbat this one's done.
Listen there's 238 other episodes. Ten 1/2 YEARS of programming. You don't want to put in any effort.

Hey C.S. I just saw that Wolf wants to do a Law and order show in a Muslim country. Now THAT's funny. Burkhas and badges baby!

Act 1: Scene 1> La La La La La La BOOOM! Who done it? Good Luck!

P.S. if was really being a hard ass about this one: 3% of 239 = about 7 episodes. I'll shut up for one Audrey (is full of it too).
P.P.S. My Shakespeare is better too.
∞ ≠ ø ☺