Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Not 'Health Care'. It's HEALTH CONTROL!

It's the government controlling Americans via their health, their bodies, and whether they obey the government.

Right to choose?  Self-ownership of one's own body?  It's a big lie.  They won't allow it!

Click the following pic to enlarge and see a possible future under Obamacontrol...


Balbulican said...

Little guy, you probably don't track the markets. But for your information, there's been a huge market rally on all the major indices in response to the Health Care reform. You see, analysts a little smarter than you have noted that a protected workforce is a SOUND investment.

Just thought I'd let you know that our predictions were right and yours were, as always, dead wrong.

As the recovery continues and 35,000,000 voters begin to enjoy their new health benefits...kiss your Teabag goodbye, my friend.

You lose.

Anonymous said...

I saw the first comment and did sort of a combination between a guffaw and a chortle. How Republican it is of Cabalican to measure policy success via the stock market indices. Now damn, that's just too funny, and, again, a hypocrisy. The markets moved less than a point in a positive direction today and we hear a flaming liberal going woooo hooo in the corner. Everybody look. Yes it's an ugly sight, on the lines of a fat chick in a thong.
The markets are up but mildly. 96 billion dollars has just been promised to insurers and the pharmaceutical companies but even they haven’t gone rocketing up. It’s a good short term ride until the chickens come home. The argument of real cost verses real savings has always wound up heavily on the real cost side. I for one don't think this gets by the Supreme Court but we'll see. Ironically it may be the abortion language that kills it in the courts.
P.S. Let's see how the markets wind up on the week. A lot of this money may come out on Friday. ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

I suppose Balbulican would take the surprise (5% annualized growth in Q4 2009) roaring-back of the Cdn. economy as proof that the Conservatives have been doing a wonderful job. Why not? Balb sees a slight upwards fluctuation following something being imposed on Americans who made it clear they wanted nothing to do with it, and sees it, illogically and simplisticially, as proof that the bill is ultimately a "good investment".

Might be a good investment for the Wealthy Establishment Elite. But not for America, nor the American People.

The devil, as it's said, is in the details.

I doubt that Balb read the bill. It's not as if he could. Obama promised to put it online before it was voted on, before it was signed by him. Well, how come that didn't happen? And how come the Democrats indicated that they didn't read the bill?

It's disturbing and ominous, and Balb and No. 2 are cheerleading this shit.

What next? Imposing the economically destructive crap Al Gore wants to see imposed?

Also, the claim that 35 million "will now be covered", well, I'd like to see concrete proof of this, not just claims. Didn't they claim that it was 46 million or so? What happened to that? Pulling numbers out of hats? And they're counting those who don't have insurance 'cause they don't need it, 'cause they can afford to use their checkbook if the need arises, thus retaining the right to choose what happens to their own bodies.

Now that everyone is forced to have insurance, will anyone have the right to choose... other than in terms of killing babies on the taxpayer dime?

It's about exalting babykillers whilst oppressing people who need to have their lives saved and their suffering quickly alleviated with dignity and respect for their humanity.

Have no illusions. When it's under bureaucratic control, healthcare becomes Nazi-like. When one has seen it in person, one would have to be insane to think otherwise!

Those who voted for the bill are Health Nazis!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Republicans who were entitled to do so read the bill and told us about the horrific stuff they found in it.

Democrats didn't bother. They just voted as good little Progs.

Votes were bought, bought, bought.

In Canada, buying votes is a criminal offence.

What happened in America with all the vote-buying, bribing, intimidation and such, well, obviously, would be seen in Canada as a crime!

Then again, what does one expect when the Chicago Mob is in charge?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Further, the leftists who mock me for my putting forth parallels between the Obamacrats and historical and current tyrants, well, they forget the stuff they hurled at conservative politicians, stuff that we know is false, particularly as we now see that the leftists were diligently running propaganda and practicing projection for their leaders.

Anonymous said...

Wed. 3/24/10
Markets sagging.
Here is the Morningstar take on Wellpoint stock BEFORE the Health Care Corruption Bill got passed. (Blue Cross / Blue Shield. Are a part of Wellpoint.)

"WellPoint's unmatched regional scale provides the company with significant cost advantages and reliable free cash flows. With the threat of major health-care reform diminishing and underwriting results improving, we are enthusiastic about WellPoint's long-run prospects."

So, as you can see, any gain as a result of this bill is speculative dollar in dollar out stuff. Wellpoint lost value Monday and Tuesday. It was stable today. Hmmm. So the first comment in this thread was bullshitagain.
∞ ≠ ø ☺