Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DOUBLE STANDARD! Juxtaposing Rahim Jaffer's & Svend Robinson's Cases

 At left, Rahim Jaffer with wife Helena Guergis.
 At right, Svend Robinson with fellow Hard-Leftist Noam Chomsky

Here we go again.

The Leftist Opposition and the Establishment-Elite Newsmedia are hollering all day, every day, about former Conservative Member of Parliament Rahim Jaffer's "getting off easy" based on charges of careless driving and cocaine possession.

Remember when Svend Robinson, former NDP MP, stole that expensive jewellery?  Remember how HE got off easy, with nothing more than a conditional sentence and a hundred hours' community service (wonder if he ever served it?)... not to mention a new, $85,000-a-year job with some school union or something (topping off his gold-plated MP's pension)?  Why didn't the Left and the Establishment-Elite Newsmedia demand to know why HE got off easy?

Why was it all "nothing more to see here... move on" with Robinson, but they won't let Jaffer go?

WTF is up here?  Why the DOUBLE STANDARD?

Is it racism?  Is it "gay" supremacism?  Is it about the Hard-Left Elites protecting their own and bashing those not of their "kind"?  What's going on here?


Why was it good for Svend to get off easy, but bad for Rahim?  WTF?!

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