Thursday, March 25, 2010

U Of Zero Students Give Canada 'Black Eye' With Thuggery Against Coulter

Story here.

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She is absolutely correct when she says it reflects poorly on the university and its students. It is also a black eye for all of Canada.

This country encourages debate, dissent and peaceful demonstrations, but we should not condone violence, bullying or other acts that stifle free speech.

“This has never, ever, ever happened before — even at the stupidest American university,” she said later. “It’s always the bush-league schools.”

Canadians can only hope Coulter’s address in Calgary on Thursday goes more smoothly. In London, Ont., on Monday, it created the predictable amount of controversy, but went off as planned.

The behavior of the U of Ottawa's Provost, F. A. Houle, and his deranged, brainwashed prog students has seriously tarnished the institution's reputation for a long time to come.  Much like what happened with the infamous Kristallnacht at Concordia awhile back, in which far-left extremists and Islamic Supremacists committed massive acts of violence, intimidation and property damage, thus making the security situation such that Israeli President Netanyahu was unable to give his speech.  Hell, in fact, a Holocaust survivor was assaulted by far-left thugs!

Dammit!  This is Canada, 2010, not Germany, 1938!  Fofecksake!

"Progressives", give your heads a shake (not too hard- mind the intracranial ricocheting of the pea-sized thing within) and learn to behave yourselves, to be civil, respectful, open-minded, tolerant, understanding, sophisticated, urbane, nuanced, all that good stuff...  Prove y'all are as y'all claim y'all are!  Make your actions match your claims about the content of your character!

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