Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iggy's 'New-Style' 'Democracy'?

I'm not fooled.

We heard similar promises from Obama, but we know he lied.  He turned out to be a tyrant who imposes what he wants no matter what.

Ignatieff is a big Obama fan.  Wouldn't it be logical to expect an Obamite like Iggy to follow his hero's lead?

I don't buy any of it.

For one thing, Iggy said:
“An activist government doesn’t mean another high-ticket federal program,” he said. “What it means is getting a network of deciders together to face common problems.” 

Oh, come on!

Iggy has called for socialized daycare.  This would cost billions.  He's called for billions, billions and more billions in government spending as "solutions" to the nation's problems.  Hell, he even called for a second stimulus spending budget, though the Big Media dutifully mostly stayed away from reporting his stupidity, to protect him from himself.

And the "deciders", they're all Liberals.  Elitist, Establishment, Wealthy, Bigwig, Connected Liberals.  Mostly white old men, too.  Old boys' club.  The "diversity" they use for optics, well, I'd like to see whether the Bigwig Liberals are a visibly-diverse bunch.  Oh, oops!  Am I starting to sound like a leftist propagandist, now?  Oh, ok, you caught me- but I'd still like to see some pictures and video from the conference so I can assess the "diversity" for myself and be assured that it's not a pretty-much-all-white-old-rich-men-with-combovers thing.

Stephen Guilbault was there.  A pony-tailed, bearded Greenpeace enviro-extremist.  He's advocating a carbon tax.  And he's a Liberal.  I hardly think he speaks for Mainstream Canadiana.

Michael Phelps?  Rich, old white dude, head honcho of Westcoast Energy.  OMG!  Big Energy!  Liberals in bed with Big Energy!

David Dodge?  Meh.  Liberal.  Horrific combover.  Who does he think he's fooling?  Who does he think he is, to expect us to believe whatever he says, just because he used to be Governor of the Bank of Canada?

Not ordinary Canadians.

The People should be the ones brainstorming and deciding, not the Liberals.

But the Liberals again believe that they know best, and that The People are stupid "teabaggers" who need to be imposed upon... just like in Obamerica right now.

Politicians are supposed to do what The People tell them, democratically.  Politicians aren't supposed to deem-and-impose, like they're doing right now in Soviet Obamacratistan.  (No offense to Mainstream Americana, and, hey, we've been called, rightly, at one time, "Soviet Canuckistan" by one American commentator... when the Liberals tyrannized us, so now we're even... eh!  :) ).

Carbon Tax?  Yeah, right.  Suuuuure.  Just like ObamaCare, eh?  Like, as with that, WE DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!

Leave our "carbon footprints" alone!  

Don't tax our lives!

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