Friday, March 19, 2010

Leftist Media Prof Unhinged Over Duffy Comment

Hoo-boy!  This "serious" professor/ex-Big-Media guy is really ruffled and unhinged over the inconvenient truth as spoken by Senator Mike Duffy.

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Whooo!  Kind of like opening the drapes, and the ivory-tower academic screams and recoils...

Stephen Kimber's own rant is so cliche, not for a serious professor, but rather for one of those hard-leftwingnutcase "progressive" bloggers/commentors, many of whom I've tried for years to talk sense into, to no avail.  Including another professor (ok, "sessional lecturer", whatever, man; big apples, little apples, still apples).

(Well, sorry about the namecalling within this post, but, hey, you guys know me.  When the other guys start firing, as did Mr. Kimber, with his unhinged-moonbat rant, at The Duff, I fire back.  Kimbo wanted it to be like this, so so shall it be.  Oh, and Stephen Kimber's an unprofessional, has-been, poopheaded moonbat, eh!  So there!)

You go after my guys, I go after you.

I'd refer folks to this post so that they may understand what The Duff was talking about...

And, yes, it IS what he was talking about.  Of course, Progs like Stephen Kimber, notwithstanding his impressive resume and all, will not understand... because they don't want to.

Funny how the Progs let someone like Obama off the hook every time the guy says weird stuff that has zero meaning.  The Progs just delude themselves into believing that it's divine wisdom or something.

How do you like the sunlight, Establishment-Elite Newsmedia bigwigs and pawns?  Hmm?

Oh, I needn't ask, as it's obvious.  When Progs get all unhinged and namecally, you know they're not having fun...

As for my own ranting and namecalling, well, hey, I'm a totally free and independent civilian blogger, not a professor, not someone whose job depends on being serious and acting like a rational, logical adult, unlike Stephen Kimber.  So I can get away with it, but can he?  Oh, of course.  Progs let each other off the hook for everything, after all...  Like Obama and all other Obamacrat Progs let Harry Reid off the hook for the infamous racist-sounding comment about Obama's switch-on-and-off "dialect".

And I note that the Establishment-Elite Newsmedia has nothing better to do lately than bellyache over little things that mean nothing to Mainstream Canadiana.  They're fishing, hunting, trapping, etc., for whatever they can get to use to try to hurt the current government, just because it's not a Prog government.  Funny how people getting grumpy at airports is suddenly big news, as if leftist politicians don't do it, too, or civilians from all walks of life.  When a conservative politician does something like that, they must resign???  If that's true, then how come Liberal PM Chretien got off so easy for throttling the harmless, hapless little Bill Clennett?  Why the double standard?

Is it all about "get all conservatives everywhere... whatever they do wrong, make a big fat hairy stink... make THAT "The News"!"

I guess the Establishment-Elite Newsmedia doesn't want to dissect the Budget, doesn't want to talk about the economy, etc.

They just want to bash anyone Conservative, and they saw an opportunity to include Senator Mike Duffy, just because he said something that they didn't understand and don't like.  Sheesh!

See what Duffy's talking about?  The bias stuff?

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