Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Obama's Eligibility For Office. Yep, Another Post.

So Obama's main strategy for avoiding having to prove that he meets the US Constitution's Eligibility Clause requirement for anyone to be eligible for Office of the President is to claim that no one who dares bring it before the courts "has standing".

Huh.  Well, ya know what?

Obama has no standing to be President!

Why?  Because he never proved he has standing!

While it IS a serious matter, I'd still say something about Seinfeld and about "having hand"...

It might seem like Obama currently "has hand" in the issue. But only for now. And only on that. When everything's based on a lie, like Obama's presidency, as also like George Costanza's life, well, it'll all catch up to oneself eventually.

Remember, when "progressives" are in charge, things eventually fall apart at the schemes.

And even a favorable court ruling might not help him.  Because the real world isn't just about court rulings, after all.

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