Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Economic Performance Revises Forecasts Upwards

Good job, Harper.  Good job, Conservatives.

Things are really, really coming back together in Canada, economy-wise.

Seems we're not that tightly-tied to what's currently going on down south in the Union of Obamerican Socialist Republics, after all.  Plenty of reasons for that, including a better business climate due to our more-free economy, but no need to get into that now.
“With the housing sector almost back to pre-recession highs, employment recouping almost 40 per cent of its recession losses and real retail spending and auto sales close to their highs, can we really call this a fragile recovery? It looks more and more V-shaped by the day.”

Canada's economy powered back to life in the final quarter of last year, expanding by a better-than-expected 5 per cent thanks to the housing market, consumer spending and trade. 

Of course, the Big Media didn't say very much about that.  Just a very little, tiny bit.  Too busy bashing the Tories on proroguation (but not the Ontario Liberals, howcum not?!), bashing the Tories on Jaffer and his speeding, Guergis' alleged airport hissy fit and Blackburn's allegedly getting pissed when they confiscated his duty-free tequila, little stuff that doesn't really make any difference ultimately.  Too busy trying to destroy the Tories' public esteem to notice the good news about the economy coming roaring back big-time.  Shame!

Clearly, the Big Media seems more interested in conducting unrelenting partisan propaganda attacks than in reporting what's actually happening "out there in the real world"...

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