Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Journalism Degree? Who Needs It Anyway?

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What good is the training and the framed piece of fancy paper if the Big Media journalists are really just going to tell us what they're told to tell us?  What good is it?

I mean, any idiot can read stuff off a teleprompter.

Like the Big Media news anchors.

Like Obama.  And he's not qualified to be President, anyway, but there he is... reading from teleprompters all the time.

I'd rather just get raw facts, thanks.  That doesn't require any fancy skills, just basic intelligence and a motivation to gather the real info, and then report what one finds.  Duh!  Spare me the bedazzling fancy-schmancyness, the spin and the ominous, leading questions and all that crap!

Oh, sure, it also helps to have effective communications skills.  But you don't need to waste four years of your life and borrow a hundred grand to acquire that!


Jen said...

Obama nor the canadian left don't need to read from anything their prompters are right smack dam in front of them- their media-use them.

And when it comes to true journalism well, that's pretty hard to find these days.

Do you know, it is the media that causes major war fairs. Think about it.

For instance, the national media berates the prime minister on the Afghan detainees 24/7,- the taliban listens, then they take it upon themselves to hurt our troops and afghans. The more intense hatred the media demonstrates towards the prime minister- the public is easily swayed to do the same.(manipulation)

Yep the national media do bare the major problem.

When the public eventually do realize that they have been 'had' used, lied too etc,,,,, ,they ask very simple questions which I heard them ask "how come we did not hear it in the media? why did the media lie to us? why? why? why?
For this very reason, we, you and others like you CS(bloggers) have taken a major job upon your shoulders and so far with the help of God, we you have opened the eyes, inteligence of many innocent canadians who have been purposely been BETRAYED by their own countryman-the media.

Not all reporters are bad it is just that we rarely see them. Hear them on NATIONAL TELEVISION-NO

Canadian Sentinel said...

You got that right, Jen.