Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothing To See Here... Seriously

 Eric Massa, Wild & Crazy Hard-Leftwingnutcase Moonbat Guy


That wild and crazy Massa dude who made "news" by alleging that Obama Chief of Staff assaulted him, nakedly, in the Congressional Gym Shower...

Nothing to see here.  I actually now agree with the Obamacrat Reich that he's an extraordinarily mentally-disordered individual, even for an Obamacrat, even a disgruntled one.  Most of the ordinary Hard-Leftwingnutcase Wild-'n'-Crazy Obamacrats, including even the bizarrely extremist-revolutionary "Czars" (they're still theeeeere!), are significantly more reserved and calm than the ultra-extremely-jerky Massa dude.

Just read about his interview last night with Glenn Beck.  And see what a loonie the Massa dude really is, unable to stick to any story at all.

I guess maybe the wild-'n'-crazy Rahm Emanuel didn't bareassedly assault him in the shower after all.  Woudln't have surprised me, knowing about Rahm's infamous craziness, but, well, just look at the source of the allegation.

Nah.  Nothing to see here.  Seriously.

But I at least found it (relatively) interesting at first, as it's more interesting than watching the Canadian Leftist Opposition and the Big Old Media continue to scream about alleged "torture" during a time of war, continuing to provide comfort to the Taliban-Al-Qaeda enemy.

Crazy Lefties accusing one another of naked shower assaults... much more interesting than crazy Canadian Lefties droning on about alleged "torture" during wartime, and never letting up despite the utter lack of credible evidence to back up these urban legends.

Hey, maybe the Massa dude is the one responsible for the alleged-and-unproven "torture" being unfarily, wrongly blamed on Canada.  If such "torture" took place, well, then, perhaps the Massa dude tickled the baddies mercilessly to make 'em talk.  Perhaps he assaulted 'em nakedly in the detainee showers, offending their Islamic sensitivities (Oh, the horror... offending Muslims, even evil 'n' murderous ones!   Mustn't offend the Muslims!)...  Yep, that's what the Canadian Hard Left and Big Old Media would call "torture".  Sheesh!  Nothing to see, like I said.  Wish the Hard Left would move on to issues of actual substance and reality, rather than pursuing phantoms and urban legends like alleged "torture", such allegations being made by no one but questionable individuals of no standing anyway.

Oh, and don't forget that the Leftist Opposition and their comrades in the Big Old Media are actually engaging in what they themselves would call, if the shoe was on the other foot, CONSPIRACY THEORISM.

How come Leftists get away with sprouting wild, unsubstantiated CONSPIRACY THEORIES?  I mean, sheesh... if I were to simply, correctly point out that there's no valid, admissible-in-court evidence that Obama actually satisfies the US Constitution's Eligibility Clause vis a vis being allowed to be President, I get called something like a "birther" or "conspiracy theorist" even though my accusers on the Hard Left actually know that I'm right.

With the nonsense going on in Parliament now that it's sitting again, does proroguation really look like such a bad idea after all?  Hmm?  Hey, why not prorogue again?  Tell the Opposition that if they don't offer anything of substance to justify their incessant whining and bitching about alleged "torture" of enemy combatants during war, and don't move on to stuff Canadians really care about, then they'll get prorogued again...  Yeah, why not?  Hell, let's prorogue 'til the Fall!

Maybe if Iffy, Gilles and Jacko (hell, throw in Bob Rae and Rick Mercer to make it extra-hilarious) were to have a bareassed Parliamentary Gym Shower fight, then maybe we'd be a little bit interested in Canadian politics... for the laughs at those wild and crazy moonbats...  But, nah.  I've got more important stuff to think about than bareassed lunatics of the Hard Left frolicking in the shower.  Besides, they're dudes, not chicks.  Much rather visualize, say, Helena Guergis and Ruby Dhalla screaming bareassedly at one another in the shower...

Speaking of Ms. Guergis, y'know the kerfluffle over her hubby Rahim and his ultra-dumbass-driver problems... if he was a Leftist, you know there wouldn't be as much of a big stink being made, then.  And there'd be accusations of "racism" on the part of those who talk it all up, and of his (and Helena's) detractors being, allegedly, "against mixed marriages" and so on and so forth.

Betcha if Rahim had stolen a piece of expensive jewellery for Helena, he wouldn't get off with a slap on the wrist (community service) and an $85,000-per-year job, unlike in Svend Robinson's case.  Guess he'd have to be a mentally-disturbed, publicly-crying-fake-tears-of-sorrow gay guy to get off so easily in that case.

We know that when Leftists are actually charged with murder, they get off easy, and then, we've observed, the Left and Big Old Media downplay the whole thing.  Remember Chappaquiddick?  Teddy The Drunken Swimmer and the late Mary Jo?  Then there was that Liberal who hit-and-run that cyclist... not much in the news about that.  No updates, either.



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Jen said...

You are right CS, Beck felt that he wasted his time and ours when he interviewed Masse. I assume that today Beck will talk about the interview and what he thinks of Masse.

'watching the Canadian Leftist Opposition and the Big Old Media continue to scream about alleged "torture" during a time of war, continuing to provide comfort to the Taliban-Al-Qaeda enemy'.

The opposition parties and their media are playing into the hands of the terrorists.
None one of them(opposition parties)and their media can say that they care about canada, troops and canadians. they just can't.

glasnost said...

...visualize, say, Helena Guergis and Ruby Dhalla screaming bareassedly at one another in the shower...

Can't seem to conjure up that scene; perhaps you could post an artist's conception.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Artist's conception, Glasnost? Who am I, Larry Flynt?

Gotta use yer imagination... sorry, pal! ;)