Saturday, March 06, 2010

Climate 'Scientists' Drop Pretense, Get Political, Ideological

They've gone from saying that we are responsible... to saying we must be held responsible for "climate change".

Some "scientists".  Some "science".  Must, must, must.  How wishful, as opposed to scientific.

What the hell are they now, Nazis?

You know those folks.  They blame so and so for whatever.  It's the most convenient thing to blame people for stuff, merely because one wants to point the finger somewhere.

Ah, well, ya know what?

They have no credibility, no integrity.  They deserve to be... hell, I'll say they must be... subjected to criminal investigation.

That's what is known.  The truth is already out.  They lied.  On purpose.  Because they're NOT "scientists".  Simply having a piece of paper that says one's got the formal training to "be a 'scientist'"... that does NOT make one a "scientist".  Why not?  Because... scientific is as scientific does... and the Chicken Littlists do NOT do science.  They do propaganda and fear.

Oh, well, they've got too much invested in the Big Lie, in the Scam of the Century... to just give up, so they go for broke, double or nothing, bet it all...


Manny said...

Totally agree with you. I have been a scientist all my adult life, never heard this kind of language from real scientists.

As for calling critics "climate skeptics", it is the duty of all scientists to always remain skeptical. If the warmists are not skeptic, what exactly are they?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Dogmatic, they are.