Sunday, March 07, 2010

More Hypocrisy From The Left Re Israel, Rights & Democracy

Haroon Siddiqui is doing it again.

Pretending to sound rational and fair, but failing.  As usual.

I'd have to say the following...

Did "Rights and Democracy", under Liberal-partisan rule, give money to organizations who wanted to "investigate" "Palestine" for human rights violations?  Or just to anti-Jewish/anti-Israel groups who like to put on a show of "investigating" and "concluding" bad stuff about Israel, just to help the hateful "Palestinian Authority" to continue to bash and attempt to destroy Israel, including in terms of international esteem?

Haroon says the Conservatives "shut down" "criticism" of Israel.

Wrong; that's NOT what happened.  He's confused.  See, "Rights and Democracy" can't just do whatever the hell it pleases with impunity.  "Arms-length" doesn't really mean complete independence and ability to do whatever the hell it wants and never be reined in justly by the Employer, the Government of Canada, acting in the best interests of the Canadian Taxpayer, the law, the Constitution, principles of fairness and truth, etc., etc...

"Rights and Democracy" cannot be given taxpayer dollars if it's just going to be run by hardcore-extremist anti-Israel Liberal appointees with an agenda of unfairly demonizing Israel, which is, by the way, the only truly rights-and-democracy-upholding nation in the Middle East, and which treats everyone as equals (as long as they're not caught trying to kill Israelis and Jews, just for being Israeli or Jewish, that is!).

"Rights and Democracy"... taking taxpayer monies.  Conducting, via proxy fellow travellers, phony "investigations" against Israel (not against "Palestine).  Fair and balanced?  Not!  Ergo... taxpayer monies denied!

The Liberal-appointed anti-Israel bigots don't want to do their job as ordered by their employer, who represents the interests of Canadian Taxpayers.  Ok, then, as in any other workplace, if one refuses to take and follow one's boss's orders, then it's inevitable that they must be dismissed.  If you and I refused to follow orders at work, we could expect to be fired, so why should the Liberal appointees be treated any better than you or me?
Shame on Haroon, trying to reframe the issue in a false way.  But then again, he's, as a professional Hard-Leftwingnutcase propaganda pusher, just "doing his job".  So we've got to keep that in mind.  Haroon Siddiqui is hardly a fair and balanced public communicator.  Of course he isn't.  We can tell, if we've paid him some attention over the years and have identified the many, many times that he was being unfair and unbalanced.  Just like many more who work for the Media of Mass Deception, who itself isn't fair and balanced, either.

Folks on Haroon's side, the Left, they don't bother to be very much critical of "Palestine", except in tiny, soft ways, to pretend that they're being "even-handed".  So if "criticism" (demonization, really, and unfounded by any hard facts in evidence) of Israel is discouraged, particularly when it's motivated by anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred, then this discouragement is fair.  If "Palestine" isn't going to catch hell for the horrible things it does, which the Left doesn't want to know about, then it's fair to tell them, "hey, if you're not going to do it to the other guys, then don't do it to these guys, certainly not on the Canadian Taxpayers' dime, you hateful, un-Canadian, anti-Semitic bastards...".

People who Haroon wrongly claims have been "silenced" can still spew their brainless criticism of Israel, even if they don't receive taxpayer monies for doing so.  They'll just have to do it based on their own resources, or on private resources coming from nasty rich folks such as George "I Helped the Nazis Get Rid of Jews and I Don't Regret it" Soros.

"Shutting down criticism", if it were the case, wouldn't be the exclusive domain of conservatives, either.  The Left does it all day, every day. One need only look towards the treatment of folks like Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, MacLeans magazine, Michael Savage and Geert Wilders, amongst many others, who criticize Islamic Supremacism and Islamization.  Why doesn't the Left bash the "Human Rights" commissions for trying to silence legitimate criticism of Islam in Canada, and why are they unalarmed at the draconian, human-rights-denying persecution against folks like Savage and Wilders, for having, themselves, criticised a group, ie. Islamic Supremacists, notorious for human rights denial and abuse, not to mention a group that denies democracy and that insists that Islam, including the extremely intolerant and horrifically violent Sharia Law, must be the government everywhere, that there's no separation of Mosque and state, and all that?

The Left is being disingenuous as well as brainwashed.  They pretend to be appalled when they see people being denied taxpayer dollars for unfairly bashing Israel.  But they're not appalled when the "Human Rights" commissions silence folks who express any criticism of Islam and other groups and ideologies, regardless of whether such criticism is based on truth (and backed with hard evidence) or not.

Again, Haroon Siddiqui proves to me that he's a hypocritical Hard-Leftwingnutcase enjoying a big voice in the Hard-Left Media of Mass Deception, and getting paid for it.  Obviously, there's money to be made in uttering blatantly politically correct nonsense!

Well, it's wrong when one holds out one's hand for taxpayer monies to bash Israel or conduct phony "investigations" thereagainst, with a view to a preordained conclusion that will, naturally, only bash Israel, whilst wrongly painting the monumentally horrific "Palestinian Authority" and its many, many, many hateful, violent subjects, as the "innocent victims".

So what if the government of Canada denied taxpayer funding to these Liberal-appointed bigots and their fellow-traveller comrades and proxies?  Such denial is proper, and hardly can logically, rationally be construed as "silencing criticism" of Israel.  After all, it's just a denial of taxpayer money that would only be used by anti-Israel bigots for the purpose of unfairly maligning Israel, with phony "investigations" as a cover.

Haroon Siddiqui has, for many, many years, irritated me with his stupid-ass utterances, hyper-ideological partisanship (I'll never forget how he so unfairly and viciously bashed and fearmongered against the Reform Party and the Canadian Alliance, without making any hard-evidence-only based case whatsoever!).  Of course, he's less able to be so blatantly vicious today, now that the "optics" aren't in his favor anymore, but he's still trying his damndest to be as anti-Conservative as possible.  He obviously hates conservatives, hates non-leftists.  He's not fooling me at all.

Sheesh.  Hard-Leftwingnutcase extremist propaganda pushers.  They're a dime a dozen.  Hey, I'd like some taxpayer money so I can "investigate" them for being supposedly bad and then communicate whatever shocking "findings" I've "found".  That would be fair, if they get to do it, themselves, in the first place, which they've been doing, at least up til now, at "Rights and Democracy"!  If the Left can take the Taxpayers' money and go ahead and spew Big Lies based on phony "investigations" (hmm... sounds like the UN's IPCC "scientists", not to mention the fraudsters at the University of East Anglia, and their infamously fudged-on-purpose "findings")... then anyone should be able to get such funding to propagate whatever they want against the Left!

Lazy-minded "progressives", before you get all critical of me for what I've said above, ask yourself how much time and effort have you put into understanding The Truth about the Middle East, from the olden, olden days to the present?  Have you really done your own due diligence, homework, research, etc., or do you just "go with the flow" that you see in the news and are hearing from fellow lazy-minded "progressives" who, brainwashed themselves, also see Israel as the Bad Guy and "Palestine" as the "Good-Guy Victim"?

Don't forget how Hitler and his Nazis successfully brainwashed the German People into believing that the Jews were all Bad Guys and that everyone else was their Victim.  It's all about controlling the media, controlling the message, controlling whatever serves the Big Lie Agenda.  Taxpayer funds sometimes get used wrongly for these purposes.

Never again?  Well, it's happening again!

There's sooooo much about the real world, both present and historical, that the Lazy-Minded don't know, because they're not being told by the Big Media of Mass Deception (nor even by educational institutions, which have, devastatingly, become politically correct and historically-revisionist, sanitizing or even omitting the inconvenient truth to protect hard-left and other groups' hypersensitivities) and aren't making any effort to learn the hard way by going online to find out the stuff they're not being told.

Wouldn't it be nice if the American Big Media (not just FOX News, but all the networks!) would go after the likes of ACORN, the SEIU, the Obama-appointed extremist "Czars", etc., etc... in America, like the Big Media in Canada goes after the Canadian government for doing something right that the Hard Left doesn't like?   Wouldn't it be nice if there were taxpayer-funded groups investigating the issue of Obama's eligibility to be President?  Wouldn't it be nice if critics of Obama and the Democrats weren't always being intimidated into silence by the Powers that Be in America?

Well, today, it's the Left that has much more power than The People, and don't forget that.  But don't accept it, either.  After all, in a real democracy, the power belongs to The People, not to the wealthy establishment elite (The Left) who seek to control them and their minds!


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